Silent Night? Yeah right...

Thursday, December 24, 2015

So here we sit at 36 weeks... I CANNOT BELIEVE IT! I'm so happy to have made it this far.  I really am... Although it would have been nice to have them outside the belly with us this Christmas, I still feel so grateful and blessed that they are healthy and cozy where they are still.

u p d a t e  on  t w i n s  &  p r e g n a n c y:
At the BPP this week, they passed all their tests with flying colors!  Quickest they have passed!  Bennett is still head down and ready to go, my silent little trooper.  Emmy is a whole different ballgame.  That girl has been head down, head up and sideways the whole pregnancy.  This week she is transverse.  They look something like the image below in there.  I can feel her head and feet in my ribs, stomach and esophagus.  We talked about the delivery day with vaginal versus c-section.  Since they are measuring close to the same, she can deliver Emmy breech if she comes down that way after Bennett is born.  It works because they are about the same size.  It wouldn't work if she was bigger than him.  The only thing they can't deliver vaginally is if she comes arms first.  That would have to be a c- section.  What I am getting at is we won't know until the day, and even the hour, I give birth.

(image from

Lately I have developed some pretty serious itching, not just on my belly, but all over my body, specifically my palms, feet and arms.  My doctor ordered some blood work and is suspicious of the condition called Cholestasis.  It's a condition of pregnancy that messes with the flow of bile from the liver.  It's not serious for the mother but can be a problem for a developing baby.  Bile salts can get into the blood stream and cause the mom to be itchy, in so few words.  The Mayo Clinic does a great job outlining the condition here, if you're curious to learn more about it:

Our doctor called today regarding my blood work and it's completely normal! ((PRAISE)) But they are concerned that something is brewing.  SO.  Plan of action is to induce by 37 weeks instead of 38.  So we will head into KUMED on Friday January 1st at 7pm and have the babes on the 2nd!!!  Unless something comes up before then.  So at a maximum I have one more week- and I am relieved I get to meet them so soon!  Next doctor's appointment is Tuesday December 29th.

***Side note- since it's the middle of flu season, we want to make sure that everyone that wants to come see the babes once they arrive have had their flu shot.  It could be an awkward encounter asking and you haven't but it's recommended that anyone around newborns and infants should have their shots.  So we are being pre-cautious.

With this being Christmas Eve, Alex and I want to thank everyone again for all of their love, support and prayers.  We cannot wait to share our little ones with you all!  Have a beautiful Christmas everyone!

Until next week... Day before induction...

Lauren, E & B

Notes to Keep me Going...

Thursday, December 17, 2015

u p d a t e  on  t w i n s
35 weeks.  I'll take it.  I'll admit I thought they would be here by now just by the sheer weight of my belly.  We had an ultrasound yesterday for growth and BPP.  Emmy is measuring 5 lbs 12 oz and Bennett is 5 lb 8 oz!  So I'm carrying around 11+ lbs of baby and measuring at 46 weeks.  Meaning, if I was pregnant with one baby- I would be 46 weeks pregnant.  Holy.  Moly.  The BPP went normal except they weren't practicing their breathing so we had a non-stress test (I am hooked up to the fetal monitor and watched for 20 minutes) and they passed with flying colors.  No bad news there, they just weren't up for practicing their breathing while on screen.  We had a doctor's appointment after and she checked to see if I was dilated and I was closed.  We talked about induction and to my surprise, my OB said she would at 38 weeks.  38 WEEKS! Here I thought I wouldn't go past 37.  38 weeks is 3 weeks from now and the dates we're looking at are January 7-8.  We will schedule it next week, if I make it to then.  It.  Seems.  So.  Far.  Away.  The worst part is that I would have used an entire month of leave without them.  I know this sounds like complaining- but what else is a blog for?  I'm incredibly lucky to have two very healthy, plump babies and to be a healthy mom so far.  I know this isn't true for a lot of twin moms, so for that I am truly grateful.

The only picture we got from this week was of Bennett.  Emmy was being shy, which until now has not been the case.

u p d a t e  on  m e
It's been a little over a week since I stopped working and I'll admit, I am frustrated.  Like I said before, I'm using my maternity leave to be off now and it makes me sad I'm not spending it with the babies outside my belly.  Alex has been great, reminding me that I'm taking the time now to make sure the babes are as healthy as can be.  I just get stir crazy sitting around all day.  Everyone has been great offering to help me with things and wanting to hang out- but sometimes even just talking with people leaves me short of breath.  Another thing I have failed to mention are the stretch marks.  I was lucky enough to not have them up until week 32 and then they appeared just around my belly button.  I felt completely defeated.  The most uncomfortable part about my belly is how itchy it is.  That means its stretching (even though I thought for sure it couldn't anymore).  I don't believe any amount of body butter or oil could have prevented the stretch marks from appearing.  Who knows.  I'll let them be my battle scars.  Ever since we found out we were pregnant, Alex has been leaving me post it notes on my mirror.  It made the mornings I didn't want to go to work easier and it made the times I didn't feel glamorous or pretty, bearable.  It's the little things that keep me going. I know that I'll eventually look less like a bowling ball again but it's hard on the self esteem, especially when getting dressed becomes a constant battle.  Thank god for oversized sweatpants.

p u r e  j o y
With Christmas 8 days away, I only want one thing... babies born healthy and happy... and preferably before the new year.  The thought of going into January makes me feel physically faint.  This is my favorite time of year though and I'm so excited to meet Emmy and Bennett, as I'm sure some of you are too.  Thank you for your continued support and love.  I can't tell you what it means to Alex and I.  I will update on the blog now every Thursday, unless something HUGE happens between now and then.  Fingers crossed.

Until next week...

Lauren, E & B

Counting Down To When?

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Yesterday I reached a point of discomfort that is incredibly hard to describe but I will try my best.  34 weeks with twins was a marker I always wanted to get to, and now that I'm here, I'm not sure what point to look to next.  It seems crazy to me that they could be here tomorrow, or in 3 weeks.  It sometimes can feel like they will never get here, even though that is crazy and I am closer now than ever.   I feel, and physically look like, a ticking time bomb.  I never thought I would get winded standing for 10 minutes, have to take a sitting break after putting on my shoes, move a stool up to my bathroom so I can get ready sitting down but now that I am experiencing these things I have never been more thankful for the people in my life.  I just wanted to thank everyone who has helped us out in so many ways- you are all so appreciated.  I don’t know how I would have gotten to this point without you.  Special shout out to my mom and Mary Faust for coming over this weekend and cleaning my house, washing baby bottles and helping make sure we are all ready to go in case they make their appearance this week!

u p d a t e   on   t w i n s
The contractions (Braxton Hicks) have slowed down, as I am only experiencing about 3-5 a day for the past few days.  It’s frustrating to say the least.  I went from >15 a day to that and I can’t help but think it’s a step back.  My next appointment is Tuesday and I am hoping to get some news that we are progressing.  I will have a sonogram for growth and BPP, which stands for Biophysical Profiles on both of the babes.  They measure their breathing,  fetal movements, blood flow, heart rates, etc…  Each babe has to pass within 30 minutes and both times they have!  If they don’t, I think they hook me up to the fetal monitors and we monitor them.  I cannot wait to see how big they are!  Updates will come then.  Below are the pictures from the 3D BPP from week 32.

e m m y   l o u:  She was bigger than Bennett last time they were measured.  You can see her little hand up by her face and an open mouth.  She is my feisty little girl, always kicking her brother and moving all over my abdomen.  They were even able to see she has hair, which explains my very irritating heartburn.  I love her tough girl attitude already.

b e n n e t t:   My sweet, calm little guy.  I think this picture looks JUST like Alex.  Like I said before, he has been measuring smaller than his sister but I think he may be catching up, or at least my lower abdomen feels like it.  Being that he is lower in my abdomen, he will most likely be born first and has been holding his sister up most of the pregnancy, without any complaints at all.  I can't wait to snuggle those little cheeks.

***Hold your breath, this may get a bit cheesy here, but I have to.

a l e x
Where to begin.  I could not have imagined doing this pregnancy without him.  The thing they don't tell you about being pregnant, that I have had to learn on my own, is you have to pretty much give up a lot of the things you normally take for granted.  For example, every night before bed, Alex will make sure I am positioned right.  This sounds easy on paper but it's a struggle trying to get the right amount of pillow support to try and ease the back pain, hip pain, shoulder and neck discomfort, heartburn, indigestion and rib kicks from my girl Emmy, etc.  And once you get positioned (one pillow behind my back, another supporting my belly, one between my legs) you realize, "I have to pee."  And he lifts me out of bed, helps me to the restroom, waits for me patiently and repeats the entire process.  This man is one of the most selfless people I know.  Many nights I have woken up moaning from pain and his response? "What can I do for you?" Said in the most eager of ways.  He is ready to jump out of bed and get an ice pack for me or TUMS when my stomach is being pushed up to my heart.  He does it all with a smile and a positivity that makes this tough journey easier on me.  I have always been a do-er and a fix-er and to give that up and let someone take care of all your needs, well it’s pretty damn hard.  I can wake up from the most restless night’s sleep, looking rather, ragged, and he tells me I look beautiful, almost like Ive taken his breath away.  I know I look tired, with bags under my eyes and I look strained from the rough night’s sleep, yet he doesn’t see any of that.  I am so in awe of his utter lack of frustration and unending patience for me. Alex, you are my strength, you are the person who has seen me at my most vulnerable and still loves me like crazy.  He makes me laugh, comforts me the best he can, ties my shoes, kisses my belly, prays over me and looks at me the same way he did on our wedding day.  I cannot thank him enough.  He already is such an amazing father and an incredible husband.

Until next time…

Lauren, E&B

The Beginning...

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Well, I have finally decided to go ahead and make a blog!  My entire pregnancy I have been searching Twin Blogs and have LOVED reading the stories and real life experiences of ladies all over who have been blessed to have twins.  I just began my maternity leave early and in the first day realized I needed something to pass some time with, hence the start of the blog!
Last day of work!  I was still managing a Medium scrub top and large bottoms, moving slow but still there and still working!  Glad I am able to take time off before these two are born to relax.

I am 34 weeks exactly today and am feeling rather large.  I'm very limited in my movements and have to take sitting breaks hourly if I am up moving around, so work became nearly impossible.  I was so thankful to have worked full time (5 days a week, 8 hour days) until now.  I know some ladies that have had to go on bedrest or restrictions especially with twin pregnancies.  I'm so grateful I have not had to.  At my last appointment, my doctor said I was very thin and cervix was soft- no dilation yet but could happen any time now!  She also said she would not stop any labor after today so the realization that they could be here any day is starting to settle in!  Our nursery is ready, car seats in the car and "go" bags packed! Below are pictures of the nursery.

 These built in shelves are a HUGE help for the limited space we have.  One side for Emmy and one side for Bennett.  

Alex's football team all came together and bought diapers of various sizes and wipes for us- it's safe to say I think we are prepared for awhile.  The community at St. James has been incredible and supportive and we feel so loved.

Until the next post... 

Lauren, E & B
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