Change is Good

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Hi All!  Happy last Thursday of April!

So I'm coming to a blog post that I think was a long time coming... The last of the weekly updates... for now.  Let me explain why.

I'm feeling very forced to find things to write about... in that, I lack inspiration on some weeks because, well, I have twin toddlers to care for and life's... pretty full.  Great, but full.  And I don't want to spend time writing something that isn't sincere, helpful, complete and most of all, me.  I want to share things about our lives that I have time to dive in, get to the meat and serve it as a main dish and not as a side.  So.  That being said, I will continue my blog, but in my own time... I can guarantee once a month at least!  This I promise you!  But more if I feel the inspiration, have the time or have something to share!

You may have noticed a tiny little "medal" to the right of this post on your computer and if you're on your phone, I'm not sure it's on the mobile version.  BUT my blog was selected as one of the top 80 twin blogs on the internet!  I know, hold back your applause because it's basically like winning an Oscar.... just kidding.  But it's one person's perspective and I'm gonna take it.  Feels good to know my work's being read, thought about and hopefully used as a tool!  God, that sounds lame... but for real.  The main reason I started this blog was to be a resource for other twin parents who are feeling overwhelmed, burnt out, struggling OR who just need to know how someone else does things.

Update on the Twins

We just hit 16 months on Sunday and I can in shock that my babies are closer to a year and a half than 1.  When I asked other parents when time slows down, they laugh.  It never does.  I'm trying to take in every moment possible and I'm having more luck with that because of a change we're making in our lives (more on that in an upcoming blog).

We've had a TON of rain in KC this week and so the babies have been going stir crazy.  We've been watching movies, coloring, playing with every single toy they have multiple times.  They've been good sports, considering before the rain we were outside almost every day.  Things are getting better because the older they get the easier it is to find things to distract them.

Anyways, that's all for now, as I'm trying to type this with B slamming on the keyboard... he's very sweet, but also very distracting.

Will post soon again, I promise.

Lauren, E&B

Here's some recent pics of the babes... major photo cred to Olivia Morgan, who I owe my life for all the pictures she gets of them.

Emmy, post tantrum.  She wore herself OUT and sat like this for 10 minutes after... probably reflecting on her actions... HAH.
Emmy Lou.... D...VAH...

Uncle Sam moved home... and we are PUMPED!

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