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Thursday, April 20, 2017

So..... *HI*, and sorry we've been absent on the blog for a few weeks.  We were hit hard by a cold/ virus and it took me out too.  I'm feeling better now, but still not 100%.

We've had a lot of things happen since the last blog post, so I'll just start updating with pictures.

We've been spending a lot of our days at a new park close to our house.  It's so cute with little houses and a great playground for little ones.

Buddy, on spaghetti night.  Needless to say, it was bath time right after this shot.
Two weekends ago, Alex took the babies to a giant Easter egg hunt on the WWI Memorial lawn, downtown KC.  My mom and his mom went with as I was busy at my friends bachelorette party spa day.  It was amazing and much needed.  Anyways, the babies had so much fun and from the pictures, enjoyed their first Easter egg hunt!

My whole world, in one picture.  

B, lovin on the Easter Bunny.  Em, not so sure.
Easter came and went pretty quickly.  When you have kids, things just seem to go by faster and are ALWAYS (no matter how much you plan) more hectic.  But this year, while it was hectic, was also pretty amazing.  Since the babes were only 4 months old last Easter, we pretty much carted them around to our families houses and in between naps, they were held by people.  Not too crazy.  This year, it was awesome to see them hunt eggs, carry their baskets around, eat Easter cookies, etc... I just love experiencing all of these holidays again through little kids eyes.  Alex surprised us with an in home egg hunt early Easter morning so we could enjoy it as a family before the day got going.  It couldn't have been more perfect.

My attempt at homemade sugar cookies!  It'll take a few more tried but these tasted great so either way, someone wins!
Annnnnnd here's my LAMB CAKE!  This was my first year trying the West family tradition and I would say it was pretty successful!  It's a pound cake with marshmallow frosting.  The first batch of frosting I made from scratch and it almost completely melted.  The store bought was better for this finished look.

My sweet little fam.

Egg hunting is a serious game.
Emmy and my mama...

Em Lou, killin it with the looks.
Tuesday was our 2 year anniversary and I loved reliving that day.  Just saying *April 18th* gives me jitters and takes me back to the day of and that fluttery feeling of knowing I would spend the rest of my life with Alex.  I surprised him with tickets to the Royals game that night.  Last year was the first year in a looooong time he didn't get to go to a game and I wanted to make his first game back, after the babies, a special one.  We picked up Joe's Kansas City and headed our to tailgate before the game.  The night couldn't have gone better.

At the game!  Even though the Royals lost, it was still such a great night.  We bought cool drinks and even a special treat from the KC Baking Co.  

Remembering the day with our wedding album.
Seems like yesterday!
We celebrated my sister's birthday yesterday with an amazing dinner on the plaza and have a friend's wedding festivities starting tomorrow!  Wedding season is here ya'll and it's comin' in HOT!

See ya'll next week... Enjoy the pictures :)

Lauren, E&B

Rain, Rain, Rain

Thursday, April 6, 2017

This week ended a very rainy week and a half, and we survived!  Yesterday, my sister and I took the babes to  W O N D E R S C O P E, one of KC's hidden gems for families with little ones.  It's an old building turned into a Children's Museum and we had such a blast with B & E.

It was so great to see them explore, learn, feel, use and create experiences right before my eyes.  It really got me excited for this summer.  For those of you that frequent the blog, you will remember our Friday Family Fun days.  We chose many spots in KC that we wanted to explore and we brought the babies out to experience it.  Anyways, back at Wonderscope... each room has a different theme from the H2O room to the Farm to Market rooms.  We steered clear of the Art room, as we saw open jars of paint spread around the room.  I'm just not mentally or physically prepared for that one.  The babies LOVED every minute of it and were completely worn out after 2 hours of running constantly.  No wonder mom's of toddlers can lose weight.  I feel like I am in a race with 2 speed demons.  All fun though--- I would do anything to see my babes have a fun time.

So she literally found the one toy (puzzle) that we own and have at our house.  Of all the... jk.  It was adorbs.

Trying to get a picture with these 2 is honestly proving to be the hardest thing ever.  Imagine trying to take a picture of, well, toddlers.  I'm not even going to try and come up with some creative metaphor.  It's hard.
Bennett, making his "woof" noise... that honestly sounds like the farthest thing from a woof.

We will definitely be revisiting with Dad this summer.  Some day that's too hot or rainy...

This weekend starts our very busy {but FUN} few months.  I'm having a relaxing day with my best friend for her bachelorette party.  I love my family BEYOND WORDS but having a day of pamper and girls fun is something I've been lacking and am ready for it.  Easter is right around the corner too and we are so excited to share in the twins second one.  Last year was amazing having 2 tiny 3 month olds but this year we are so looking forward to hiding eggs (probably in the open) and celebrating with them the best way we know how.

Thanks for reading and catching up!  We will see you next week!

Lauren E&B

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