Becoming a Keith

Alex and I have know each other for almost 10 years, starting as friends in high school and eventually dating.  He's my best friend, and the person who understands me the most, as CHEESY as that sounds, its so true.  I always had this feeling about him and when he asked me on our first date to Harry's in Westport after being friends for 6+ years, I knew I wasn't going to date anyone else.  He proposed at the same spot as our first date and one year later on April 18th 2015 we were married!

Rehearsal Dinner // Coalvines 

Party Bus //  Mr. and Mrs. Keith

Everyone says it but our wedding was the most fun I've had in my life.  It was by far the best day of my life.  We left for Cancun, Mexico 2 days later and the rest is, well, why I wanted to start this blog. 
 Snorkling in Cozmel

Our favorite pool spot // Cancun, Mexico

 I feel like Alex and I were meant for this crazy life we are about to embark on.  Thank you for visiting my blog- I hope you find something interesting, funny, relatable or just that it's mildly entertaining.



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