Growing Babies...

PRAISE! The twins are HERE!  They are our pride and joy and we can't wait to share their first year with everyone!  Emmy Lou on top and Bennett Matthew below.


2 Weeks
 It's crazy to me how big they already are!  They eat every 3 hours and sleep in between.  Let's also not forget the endless trail of dirty diapers they have us changing!  Thank goodness we can't get enough of these 2 hooligans.


1 Month
Hard to believe one month flew by so quickly!  They are weighing in at over 8 lbs a piece!  



3 Months
B is about 15 lbs and E is about 13 lbs... They are practicing holding onto rattles and babbling more and more.  Emmy can roll onto her side and Bennett can push his binkie back into his mouth!  Im just realizing B is wearing the same onesie as his 2 month picture.  Oops...


4 months
They are rolling over, laughing, sitting up with support, sleeping longer at night, starting to recognize each other and can pick Mom and Dad out of a crowd.  They a surprise us daily with what they can do.


5 months
We've hit the 5 month mark and holy moly these babies are growing!  Bennett has just started wearing size 3 diapers and Emmy is still fitting in size 2... but not for long.  They have the CUTEST smiles and are their happiest right after eating.  Solid foods are so fun to try with them and they are getting used to using all those new muscles in their mouths!  We are so excited to hit 6 months this summer!  One month to go!


6 months
These two crazies are sitting up (supported), rolling around all over the floor, starting to eat more solids mixed up and even holding their own bottles up!  Which Mom and Dad LOVE!  Cannot believe they are half a year old!  This time is absolutely FLYING.


7 Months
July left and August crept up on us so quickly.  The babies are eating solids now, twice a day, rolling and sudo crawling all over the place, still taking 3 naps a day and sleeping about 11 hours a night!  Moving out of summer pretty soon and excited to be outside more this fall!


8 Months Bennett
8 Months Emmy Lou

As August comes to a close, these 2 are on the move and crawling everywhere!  They love strawberries, puffs and pulling themselves to standing.  Sesame street has started to become a daily treat and they still love their bottles more than anything.  They are saying Dada to everything and have started stealing toys from each other.  Still sleeping about 11-12 hours a night, which makes Mom and Dad oh so happy.


9 Months

You guys are 9 months and ON THE MOVE!  You crawl all over the house, can pull up onto furniture, doors, cabinets, and get into everything.  You both have teeth coming in like crazy and everything is your chew toy.  You love trying new foods and don't mind getting messy.  The fall weather has us at the park on a daily basis and you both absolutely love the swings.


10 Months
Halloween was so much fun for these newly 10 month olds!  They are on the verge of walking, eating everything you can imagine (even non food items) and learning to play (not always nicely) together.  Walks outside are still their favorite thing and strawberries are their favorite food (although pasta is a close 2nd).  They are sleeping about 11-12 hours a night still and down to about 2 good naps a day.


11 Months!
We are almost to a year!  And walking is their favorite thing to do.  they've tried a plethora of new foods and according to our pediatrician, we have bought our last tub of formula (PRAISE) and can go to regular milk after this!  YAY!  They are taking 2 naps a day still and still sleeping about 11 hours a night.  They miss our daily walks because it's now pretty cold here in KC.  But still love running errands with momma.  One month to go!


12 months AKA 1 Year!

Happy 1 Year Emmy and Bennett!
We are so proud of the smart little babies you are!  You are still sleeping so well, taking 2-3 naps a day depending on your moods, generally very happy babies, eating and trying all sorts of foods, walking (and starting to run!) all over the places, giving kisses and starting to communicate with us.  We couldn't be more happy of the little individuals you are becoming and we are excited to see what happens this year!



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