3 M O N T H S

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Holy Cow!  We've made it to the 3 month mark!!!  We couldn't be happier with the growth of these two.  In the past few weeks they have been baptized, got their first true colds, had their first Easter and learned that Mommy will be permanently staying home with them during the days!

U p d a t e   O n   T h e   T w i n s...
The twins and I got the sick bug this week and are just now getting over it.  Just minor colds but it still took it out of us for a few days.  Poor Alex and his STRONG immune system had to take care of all 3 of us.  It is true what they say about being a mom and putting yourself last.  Just because you're sick doesn't mean you get a sick day.  We took them in to get checked out because I was nervous about their coughs (and being less than 3 months old, they recommend that with any cough, you get them checked out).  They were just fine and the doc confirmed colds but since they were super congested we had them deep suctioned out.  They were NOT fans of that but felt incredibly better immediately after.  While we were there, we got the updated weights!  Emmy weighed 12 lbs 11 oz and Bennett weighed 14 lbs 6 oz!

Sometimes when the spit up seems unending, we strip them down and let them lounge in their birthday suits!  They seem to love it!
Case in point...
They sometimes look like little elderly people in their chairs... cracks me up.. but they LOVE their bouncy chairs!
My boy B
Emmy's faces she makes... I just love this girl.
On that note- Em's cradle cap is starting to heal up and is only dry in a small spot on her head now... thanks for all the advice from everyone!  She is also now back to regular formula after going from Soy formula to Gentlease.  I'm not sure if her digestive system is just developed more or if she just finally decided she wanted what her big brother was getting :)  They are both eating really well!  They get offered 6 ounces every 4 hours during the day and at night when they wake naturally.  Bennett will finish his bottle almost every time and Em has been eating most (4-6) each time.

So let's talk about the miracle that is the NOSE FRIDA.  I am not trying to sell this item to get commission, let's clear that up right now.  But this little lovely tool has absolutely been incredible, especially during this first cold bout.  I know they send you home from the hospital with those bulb suction deals, and I have used it a few times, but the amount of snot you can get out of their noses with the frida cannot compare.  They don't like it at the time but after I can almost always notice a difference in their breathing.

On another random note, they are starting to "talk" more and we are LOVING every minute of it!  They babble on and on in high and low pitches and I just know they are making sense to each other.  Like a secret language Alex and I can't be a part of.  It's hilarious.  Emmy has started to see Bennett, only a little but they still haven't interacted or made eye contact with each other.  I'm waiting for that glorious day.

E a s t e r...
We had an awesome Easter here in Kansas City.  My mom and sister went up north to Minnesota to visit with family, so my Dad joined Alex's family and us for the day.  We went to 11:30 mass at Holy Trinity, which was C R O W D E D, but a beautiful mass.  Then headed to Alex's grandparents for lunch.  It was their first Sunday at Church as baptized Catholics!  I didn't realize that until mass but thought it was pretty neat.  Since I obvi don't remember when that happened to me, it's just awesome to see them experience it, even though they slept through the whole thing.
In their Easter best!  Bennett's outfit is from our great friend Olivia and Emmy's dress is from my mom when she went to Mexico!  Don't be deceived by these cute spring outfits.  It was snowing when we took this picture.
U p d a t e   O n   M o m...
I've been feeling really good lately.  Really getting back to my old self, workout habits, eating habits and general life habits.  I had my last regular day of work yesterday before I start my new call position Sunday night!  I am relieved that I am now full time care for my babes during the day.  I can't wait to plan out our days, take them to the park, teach them new things, and be present with them during their wake hours.  This new shift will be challenging but sooooo beneficial for our small family.  For those of you who are still confused about my shift, here's the just:  I am on call Sunday through Thursday nights starting at 4:30 PM to 6:30 AM.  That doesn't mean I have to go in, just if they need me to finish out the day's surgeries or for an emergent case.  Otherwise, I am home.  Home with the babies.  Ahhh, I feel blessed.

Strange sensation... I don't know if any of you other mom's who have had C-Sections have ever experienced this but I sometimes have a strange twitch in or close to my incision.  I know that the healing process continues on much longer than I probably thought, but just throwing it out there in the universe.  Take it or leave it.  Not debilitating or anything, in fact majority of the time I don't even feel it.

Disclaimer: Postpartum belly pics ahead...

Time for some motivation for new moms!  Newsflash:  Your body does NOT go back to normal after giving birth, or even after 3 months!  I did belly pictures before giving birth and wish I had started these sooner.  But here is my 3 month postpartum picture.  I'm putting it out there!  Why?  Because I searched the web for pictures of ladies who had twins, with a c-section, at their 3 month mark and couldn't find much.  I wanted motivation and advice on where people were at and couldn't find it.  So I'm doing it, as uncomfortable as it makes me feel.

I'll be honest, I have felt pretty upset with my belly at times.  It's frustrating having the loose skin and stretch marks still.  I thought once I started working out again BOOM things would fall right into place!  They didn't and still haven't.  I know I had twins but it still is hard when certain pants still don't fit right and certain shirts that weren't skin tight on my belly, now are.  But the best advice I was given by someone was "it took 9 months for your body to get that way...give it 9 months to get back."  And that I will do.  My motivation for now?  Keep going.  Keep working out when you have small moments.  Jillian Michael's tapes are my saving grace for now.  When I've fed the babies, pop one in and get my workout on.  If I only get 20 minutes, hey that's more than 0.  It's damn hard.  But I know it'll be worth it.

Thanks for reading all!  Here are some more pictures to brighten your Thursday!

My boys... If you keep up with us on snapchat (mine is lpatriciaw and Alex's is alexkeith7) you would have seen this day when Alex fell asleep with Bennett sitting upright on the couch... the video still cracks me up.
His new crew neck sweatshirt.
B is now wearing 6 month clothing!  He is such a chunk and I love it.  My little Eminem baby. 
E is still in her petite 3 month clothing.  I took this picture because it was the first time she was holding onto a "toy" and I was GIDDY.  This poor girl and her teething... I can't wait until she can hold onto bigger teething toys.
I know we are Royals fans, but my family from MN got the twins these shorts and they are perfect.  We announced our pregnancy by standing in front of the Twins stadium and so it's only fitting they have some Twins gear.
Those EYES :) 
Me and my girl.  I can't get over how much she looks like a combination of my sister Anna and I.  

Until next Thursday,
Lauren B & E

12 Weeks and Baptized...

Thursday, March 24, 2016

{P.R.A.I.S.E} The babes are  B a p t i z e d 

Sunday could not have been more perfect.  The baptism was set for 12:30 and we were surrounded by family and close friends.  My family from Minnesota came down and most of Alex's family was in attendance.  I think the person we were most excited to see was my cousin Lindsay who was home from Nicaragua!  We haven't seen her in so long and the babes hadn't met her obviously.  It was the best reunion EVER.  She has one of the biggest hearts and I am beyond happy that my babies will know her and her love.

So much happiness!

This could be one of my favorite pictures of them- all clad in their new Nica gear!  Emmy being a little high maintenance and Bennett just chillin.
We spent the whole weekend catching up, laughing and enjoying time with family and loving every minute of it.  We shared the baptism on Sunday with 3 other babes and after headed to Alex's parents for the lunch.  It was a perfect day.

Blessing from Father Gerard
Bennett first!  Older brother taking the plunge :)
Emmy's turn!
G o d p a r e n t ' s

My sister Anna and Alex's brother Trey are Emmy's Godparents.  

Anna has been SUCH an amazing person in our lives, especially since the twins have been born.  She and I have always been close but having the babes somehow brought us closer together.  She comes over on her days off work and hangs out with us, helping me in ways I cannot thank her enough for.  Her growth over the past few years has inspired me to be a better person.  We couldn't be happier to have her as a godmother for Emmy because we want her to have a role model like her Aunt Anna.  Plus, the fashion advice E will get if beyond incalculable. 

Trey has been great with B and E but we decided to choose him for Emmy because we thought their relationship was something special.  Trey is such a great man and has been such a natural around the babies.  He jumps in when they are crying and is willing to do anything to help our family out.  He shows leadership and has such a positive outlook on life, not to mention one of the best moral compasses out there.  He's not afraid to stand up for what he believe in and I know Emmy will look up to him.  We are sad that he's going off to college in the fall but we know he will be back often to hang out with us...hopefully! ;)


Our best friends Meredith Smith and Mike Ford are Bennett's Godparents.

Meredith Smith and I have been friends since sophomore year of high school.  She is one of my all time favorite people.  This girl is nothing but happiness and positivity all day long.  I can call her and talk to her just about anything.  She was one of the first people I told I was pregnant with twins and her love and support made me feel empowered and that I could do this.  She was even in the hospital with me right before I went into the OR to give birth.  She hugged me and told me I had this- a moment I will never forget.  I chose her for Bennett so she could be that light to him as she had been for me.  She is one of the kindest people I have ever known in my life and I cannot wait for Bennett and Emmy to know her more fully.  They will always have her to look up to and to call when they need anything. 

Mike Ford has been friends with Alex since grade school and they have grown up together.  I got to know him in high school and have been friends ever since.  He went away to college in STL and even then, we all remained close.  This guy has it all.  He's smart, kind hearted, successful, a hard worker and patient.  We want Bennett to know him and to have a strong relationship with him, and also to have another strong man to look up to like his Dad.


Our families!  So happy that everyone could make it for their baptism!
T i m e   t o   C e l e b r a t e !

The beautiful customized sugar cookies were made by my friend Emily Williams from work.  She is a miracle worker with cookies and they taste like little slices of heaven.  You can find her works of art on instagram at @crowntowncookies 
My dear friend's mom made our cake.  Her name is Lisa Cleary and she is also know as Church Lady cakes.  her cakes are TO DIE FOR and personalized just for you.  They also melt in your mouth.  She can be found here: http://www.churchladycakes.net/

My dad and Emily... 
My Auntie Robin from MN with B... too cute.
Sammy and Anna.  We were so happy Sam could come home from Wichita for the weekend.  We always love seeing him.
Anna, my cousin Carly, me and Linds... 
My Grandma....
This is the only picture I have of them not crying and in their gowns... A long day for these two, but they were troopers...  Bennett and his binkie..  I'm not kidding, it could be his best friend next to Emmy.

U p d a t e   O n   T h e   T w i n s...
This week we have noticed the babes laughing and noticing more about their world around them...  We are working on holding things in their hands and I'm trying to get Emmy to use teething tools.  Poor girl is DEF showing signs of teething pretty hardcore... She's a little trooper though...  If anyone has any teething tools they love, please let me know! 
Bennett is just such a chunky monkey!  He must be close to 15 pounds, the kid can EAT.  He is holding his head up about 90% of the time and I can't tell if it's strength or just his neck rolls.  God love him.
Both babes are sleeping incredibly well!  Right now they only wake up once a night for a feeding, sometime between 1 and 3 AM and then they go back down until the morning.  Couldn't ask for better babies.  They amaze me daily.
Easter is this weekend and we are yet again excited to spend it with family.  Just you wait until you see these two's outfits.  Hams.  Both of them.  :)  

Until next week!

Lauren, E and B

Luck of the Twins

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Bennett, "Hey gurl, how you dern?"
Phamily Photo 
Still working on that neck strength Em...
There she goes...

Happy St. Patty's Day!  

And also, Alex's and I's 4 year "dating" anniversary!  The babies are 11 weeks old this week and continually amazing Alex and I at their growth, physically and mentally.

We spent the day with family and had a blast.  We went down to the plaza and walked around with Auntie Anna, saw Grandma and Grandpa Keith at O'Dowd's and went shopping with mommy at her favorite store: Anthropologie!  Then we visited Grandpa West's house for the first time while mom and dad got to enjoy some corned beef and cabbage!  Bennett was eyeing our food, I feel like he resents us for eating real food sometimes... the kid can eat!

T w i n   U p d a t e...
Emmy went to the doctor yesterday because we thought she might have an ear infection.  GOOD NEWS! She is infection free.  But we didn't get any answers for why she has been extra fussy lately.  She has been eating waaaay less than Bennett and will sometimes bear down so hard when feeding she will only get down 1-2 ounces before refusing to eat.  We've had to use loads of patient while feeding that little lady.  The doctor said some of the things that could be contributing to her fussiness are early teething, colic or upset tummy.  All of which have very different solutions.  So Alex and I have been patient with her and using gas drops, colic calm and tylenol every once in awhile.  Sis has also had more issues with her skin.  It's SO incredibly dry.  Coconut oil has helped but not solved the issues.  Poor lil girl... hopefully this is just a phase.  Her smiles continue to stop me in my tracks and melt my heart.  This little babe will definitely be a heartbreaker...

New headbands... stylin little girl... They are a little large...She'll grow into them.
LOVIN my swing 
Wearing brother's PJs...

Thanks to Grandma B for the awesome onesies for our first St. Patrick's Day!
Bennett has been just a chummy lil dude.  He had all the issues in the beginning and now couldn't be cuter and sweeter.  He cracks me up with his wide eyes and genuine smile.  He's got to be over 13 lbs now and growing every day.  My lil future linebacker...

Hey B... look more surprised....
Practicing sitting up! 

Just chillin in my birthday suit... 

The babes are getting baptized this weekend!!! We are so excited to see family and to spend time with them!  I'm excited for them and for the baptism, as I haven't been to one since, well, maybe Anna's (lol).  But really.  It's pretty cool that they will officially be a part of the Church and not little pagan babies anymore  :)

This week was Alex's spring break and he was home with the babes for 2 days...  I worked and leaving them at home was harder than leaving them with my mom.  It just felt like I was loosing out on family time... He definitely had some revelations home with the babes.  Luckily he had help, just as I had, from my sister and his mom.  His thoughts....

Hello blog world! So one of the most amazing things about being a teacher is the amount of time we have off and get to spend with our family. I always used to love having my mom at home in the summers and during breaks. This was my first break at home with the kids. The first day could not have gone better. It was a dream day! Emmy woke up first, I fed her, and just as she finished and was all smiley in her chair Bennett woke up and ate next. The rest of the rest of the day was just perfect. The sun was out, Dad was in beast mode and the house was so peaceful. 
The next day I was at home it was a something out of my worst nightmare. Sometimes you just can't win and all day I felt like I couldn't catch a break. They both woke up screaming at around 6am, 30 minutes after Lauren had left the house. For the next 4 hours I held one while the other cried. I played this weird sort of hot potato game where no matter what I did calmed the babies down. Luckily Anna, who has been our guardian angel, came to the rescue in the afternoon. The extra set of hands was great and she is starting to learn, like Lauren and I have, the things that calm each of them down.
When I'm at work I usually don't answer texts, but since I had kids I check it whenever I get a text from Lauren. It has created a fun thing where I check and my students immediately ask me, How's Lauren and the kids? Sometimes she is just sending me pictures of an "it's all good" text. But other times she text me telling me how she can't calm them down. I never truly understood what she was feeling until that 2nd day. I usually respond with some encouraging words or any advise I have and when I texted Lauren that day she did the same for me. I never really realized just how great of a mom Lauren was until she was back at work. Her patience, kindness and way with the kids is really indescribable. I am really the luckiest person in the world and I knew, even when I was dating her, that she was going to be a great mother. Every day she amazes me. And she didn't even pay me to write this. 
The last thing I will briefly talk about is my favorite part of the day. Each night when we get the kids down we say the Guardian Angel prayer over our kids. I can't wait for this tradition to continue on to when our kids can say it along with us. We have also decided to make Saints Benedict and Scholastica (fraternal twins) their patron saints. We ask for their intercession each night and we would love it if you kept us in your prayers as well. Sorry if this was long winded. Until next time!
-Alex A.K.A. Dad

P i c t u r e s...
Grandpa West and Emmy Lou... #makinfaces
These two hams... 
BFF's for LIFE
Thanks for reading!  Sorry for the shortness of this post... with working 2 days this week and the holiday, Thursday sure crept up on me... Lots of LOVE!  See ya next Thursday!  

Lauren, E&B

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