RSV Ain't Got Nothing On This 70 Degree (Weather)

Thursday, February 23, 2017

70℉ weather in Kansas City in FEBRUARY calls for a lot of outdoor time.  And that we did (or tried to) as much as we could this weekend and week.  The weekend started out rough for us, as it began with 5 hours in the Emergency Department with little Bennett.

He has been sick, as you knew from last weeks post, but things got worse early Saturday morning.  He woke up screaming and coughing at 6AM which was unusual for him to be that worked up and to wake up that early.  We brought him downstairs and after giving him some of his bottle, we noticed how labored and irregular his breathing was.  He seemed to be holding his breath at the top of inspiration.  Bennett has always had issues with heavy breathing but this was different from other days.  He seemed in pain.  We called the pediatric doctor and as I thought, they told us to bring him in right away.

We got to the ED about 7AM and they started with us pretty much immediately.  They suctioned his nose out and sent the sample down to test for flu, RSV and other viruses.  They came back positive for RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus) and you can click that link to read more from the CDC.  But it's basically an upper respiratory infection that has symptoms similar to a cold but with the addition of decreased appetite, sometimes fever and wheezing.  If the child has difficult breathing or develops pneumonia or bronchitis from it, they can be hospitalized.  Thankfully, they examined him, took a chest X-ray and found no signs of pneumonia and determined he would be okay to go home.  They did manage to find another ear infection in the poor guy, so sent us home with antibiotics for that.  There's nothing they can prescribe for RSV, just home remedies such as keeping his nose clear, humidifiers in his room, keeping him hydrated and watching for fever.

Saturday night was the worst night.  B woke up every 3 hours or so, upset and warmer to the touch than normal.  Thank God for ibuprofen.  We were still up at 5:15 AM Sunday morning.  Y A W N.  Needless to say, we all took 2 naps before 11 and felt a little better.  The beginning of this week was rough for me.  Having Alex around during the weekend at least gave me another person to tackle the kiddos with.  But since Bennett was still not 100% and Emmy was getting a little cough, it left me feeling 2 arms short and needing a break.  Thankfully Wednesday, which had a high of 79℉ was the first day of both babies feeling really good.  We were outside most of the day and there were very few tears shed, if any, all day.  That day gave me my strength back from the long week.

As I sit typing this, the babies are playing together and occupying themselves with toys.  I've waited for this all week and I'm so glad they're finally back to normal.  My advice to parents with kiddos with RSV?  Hang.  In.  There.  It takes awhile to go away, but it will eventually and your babe will be back to their normal ways in no time.  I stressed so much about him not eating and getting enough hydration.  And the days get long with the unending crying, but always give yourself options, breaks and don't beat yourself up about your kiddo being sick.  Little kids get sick.  They just do.  That's life and it makes them stronger after it.  I know it breaks your heart, as it does mine.  But they're tough little cookies and you're still doing a great job.  I don't know.  That positive thinking has worked for me.

Two peas in a pod...
Emmy girl, no shy bone in her body....
I guess she wants to start her tan early?

"It's like a giant crib!" -Bennett, off the deck
Her outfit though... we can't wait for Spring and Summer.
Emmy waving and saying cheese.  They are starting to copy us more and more and are learning new words daily.  It's too cool.  Photo cred: Nicole Watkins
We have 2 little rocking chairs, one was mine and one was my sister's from when we were little.  They have quickly become their favorite pieces of furniture.  
Photo cred: Nicole Watkins
Kissing her babe.  Photo cred: Nicole Watkins
Photo cred: Nicole Watkins 
Emmy Lou, so proud of putting her brother's hat on by herself.
Photo cred: Nicole Watkins
Thanks for tuning in, and to those who texted about Bennett this week, thank you for thinking of us.  We feel very loved.

See ya'll next week!

Lauren, E&B

I'm Dating Again

Thursday, February 16, 2017

U s...
As cheesy as this is... Alex and I decided to start "dating" again; taking time for ourselves and time to strengthen our relationship.  I can't even begin to describe to you how our relationship has changed since having the babies and over the course of 2016.  We realized our commitment to make time for "just us" slowly crept away from being a priority amid organizing dinners, play dates, baths, changing diapers, making bottles, singing nursery rhymes, watching and watching and watching Winnie the Pooh, cleaning up the house, grocery shopping, and whatever else scatters our lives.  So we decided to take time again for ourselves.  That being said, this month is still S A V E month so it's not an option to get a sitter and go out to dinner, at least until March.  We've been making reservations in our great room at the high top table each night and eating dinner together after the babies go to sleep.  This allows us to not rush, take time to talk and make it truly a 'date night'.  We've done it the past 3 nights in a row, including Valentine's day, and it's been great.  Just making a tiny switch in our daily routine to bring ourselves closer as a couple, has made quite a difference for us.


Today was a rough day for sweet Ben.  He threw up during the night and once after his morning bottle.  When he is sick, you can tell.  He's normally such a loud, playful, active boo-boo and today was a whole lot of sleep and lounging on the couch watching movies... and that is a-ok in this household.  I hope Emmy doesn't get this bout of sickness.  She was so concerned for him today.  Their relationship continues to surprise me.  Some days they are fighting at all costs and other days they can't stop giggling and hugging each other.  They both seem to know when the other isn't feeling 100%.  And it's not necessarily outward.  She just didn't act herself because Bennett wasn't feeling himself.

This weekend and the following week it's supposed to be in the upper 60's and even hit 70 by Sunday.  As long as B is feeling up for it, we are going to be outside as much as we can.  It's amazing what a little Vitamin D will do for this family.  Tomorrow, my mother-in-law, Becky, is watching the kiddos for a bit so I can get some stuff done around the house.  I can get things done with the babes but it'll be nice to get some deep cleaning done without distraction.  I sound so boring.  But, cleaning is somewhat therapeutic for me.  Sue me.

Sorry if this blog post seems scattered... it's reflecting my brain after this strange week mid February.  Until next week... thanks for reading!

Lauren, E&B

My goof ball.  He is going to be the life of the party... always...

Our favorite park: West Flanders... It's close to home. no wood chips, baby swings and a nicely paved track.  We should start branching out and exploring more but there's something about the familiarity of this park. 
I call this pic..."I've lost a cheerio." 

V A L E N T I N E ' S   D A Y 

The Naked Truth

Thursday, February 9, 2017

I can't explain this one... but I'll try.  Is it just us or does everyone else's kids change moods when they are naked.  The other day, they were both loosing their minds with boredom.  They were tired of me, tired of their toys, tired of being inside and the days drool had taken it's toll on their shirts.  So I decided to take them upstairs and just change outfits.  In between the shirt changes, so did their moods.  SO I let em go... run naked around their room for awhile and I'm not kidding, they were so damn happy.

We do it at night too, before the jammies go on.  Take off the dirty clothes of the day and they just loose their minds with happiness.  I guess it's just that free and easy feeling of nothing weighing you down.  I look at them though, with their little guts sticking out, chunky legs pattering across our hardwood floors, drool dripping onto their bellies, and I think... why can't everyone be as confident as these hooligans?  I know I'm not.  But for real... they flaunt all they have to offer and have the best time doing it.  I want them to keep that same sense of self confidence they have now and carry it into their youth.  Well, not running around naked, obvi.  But I want them to live fully, love hard and be willing to put themselves out there, even if it makes them a tinge uncomfortable.

This week hit me hard, with realizations that life is precious, short and very temporary.  We sometimes get too comfortable with the day-to-day and forget that we need to be present, tell people we love them, look people in the eyes, listen (and really listen) to what they have to say.  I've been reflecting on that this week and I've started yoga up this month again.  It gives me that time I need to unwind physically, but also mentally and to stay present, be thankful and be reminded that I'm human and I make mistakes, we all do.

Cheers readers, thanks for reading every week.  You are all the reason I am who I am today and I'm grateful.  Until next week...

Lauren, E&B

Had a fun girls night celebrating my best friend and her upcoming wedding... I cannot wait to see her walk down the aisle.  Such a beautiful lady!

Time to S A V E

Thursday, February 2, 2017

S a v e 
Anyone hitting that  w i n t e r   l u l l ?  We are... but I am resisting.  Keeping natural light coming in through the windows, watching fun Disney movies, making yummy dinners and trying to "make a plan" for every day are some of the things that help.  We have had some unusually warm days this winter, I know it could be a hell of a lot worse.  So I am thankful, and soak those days up as much as I can.  But I also have 2 babies who seem to have had runny noses since like November.  I honestly think we were pretty lucky their first year of life.  We didn't see a ton of colds, sick days, etc... a few here and there but nothing major.  Or maybe it's just that they are getting older and are exposed to more, hence them constantly having a runny nose.  Who knows.  <-- lol at that weird play on words.  I can't wait for {S P R I N G}.

This week, I've felt the need to challenge myself and set a goal for the month: save.  We recently confirmed a fun trip for the summer (Alex and I only... eeek!!! )  and we just want to set ourselves up to enjoy that trip.  More on that later.  I took a look at our checking account for the past month and knew if I added up all the "unnecessary" spending, it would be a hefty number.  Starbucks reloads, fast food runs, Amazon and Target shopping runs, etc... It all adds up.  And I am not saying that going to Starbucks is horrible and you shouldn't ever do it.  Because Starbucks is a gift from heaven and one of my favorite places ever.  It just became so easy for me to reload that card whenever I wanted a latte.  And I'll be honest here... my coffee's from Starbucks are of course the *frou-frou-frilly $4.95 lattes*.  So that's definitely in the unnecessary category.

This month will be a refreshing start.  I've challenged my family to save and we started yesterday, February 1st!  We began with a fridge and freezer clean out.  All of our meals this week are using things we already have, hence saving us $50+ for our weekly grocery shop.  We will use the food we have until it's gone and then meal plan to save even more money rather than going grocery shopping blindly.  I've also started using Hy-Vee's online grocery shopping again!  I don't know why I ever stopped, really.  I can really think about what we NEED versus what I am craving and just WANT.  We can then stick to our budget this month and really save.

One month.  It can be done.  We will do it.  I can't wait to tell you how it goes in March.

It's rare that I can take pictures anymore without someone coming right up to the camera.  The pictures, in turn, turn out pretty funny.

Also, 1 year olds don't ever sit still.  Ever.
The weekend is almost here and I can't believe its February.  I know everyone and their mom says that but really guys, I can't believe that Alex and I are a few months away from our 2 year anniversary.  It's just blowing my mind.  There's a lot in store for this next year.  Hope you'll stick with us through it all!

PS... I am scheduling Emmy and Bennet's first dentist appointment for March.  What.  Is.  LIFE.  More to come on that.

Have a great weekend, and as Ellen always says:  be kind to one another.  Please!

♡ Lauren, E&B
Oh also... died the ends of my hair pink.... why?  Because life's short and I wanted to.

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