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Thursday, January 21, 2016

W E E K    3

It's unreal these two are 3 weeks old.  I will probably almost always start a blog post like this.  The days seem to go by slow but the weeks are F L Y I N G.

We got some of our newborn pics back and wanted to share with you all!  Here are some highlights.  We feel so lucky to have such healthy and happy little babes.  

Bennett- for the TOUCHDOWN
Emmy Lou
Emmy- that headband said one size fits all... annnnnd not sure about that.  But we made it work.
Mother // Son
Father // Son

First Family Photos

Father // Daughter
Mother // Daughter

U p d a t e s...
We are still feeding them every 2-3 hours in what seems like endless feeding frenzies but the growth that has happened, even just in the past few days, is enough to show us our efforts are paying off.  Our next appointment for weights is February 1st and we can't wait to see what they weigh in at.

We are spending most of our days the same way we always do.  This week I'm trying to have more independence and watch them for longer periods by myself.  It's challenging.  But they sometimes manage to make feedings bearable for me to do alone.  Typically one of them will wake up first.  I'll feed, change and snuggle them back up and wake the other to repeat the process.  It takes longer BUT the fact that I can do it by myself if needed makes me feel really accomplished.

B a b y   B l u e s...
It's true what they say about the baby blues and I will admit to feeling them- like I've said before... I want this blog to be incredibly raw and real.  I don't want to paint you a picture that says, "This is EASY!  Our lives are PERFECT."  Because in no way, shape or form is that true.  We are incredibly blessed but the struggle is there.

When we got home from the hospital, I felt overwhelmed with the help and support of people coming over and being around to hold the babies.  It felt like we had someone coming over every night for the first few weeks!  I realized I was going through motions but not living in them, if that makes any sense.  I was still hurting and recovering from the surgery, and the trauma of it all, and so anyone coming over to help change, feed and hold babies was not turned down.  I would just cry sometimes.  For no specific reason and I would feel like I was nothing but a milk machine (pumping).  The routine got to me.  I felt like every 2-3 hours I would feed, change and pump for 30 minutes, unable to cuddle with Emmy or Bennett because if I got off the routine I would fall behind.  I felt really lost and felt like I wasn't connecting with them as well as I could.  So I changed the feedings to exclusively pumped breast milk and formula.  Next week's post will be primarily on feeding--- can't wait to share.

Each day gets better.  I feel stronger and I feel more like myself again but its a slow process.  I feel that since I've been cutting back on pumping, I've been able to spend more time with them after feedings.  The most important thing that's helped me is knowing I'm not alone and having a great husband and family that supports me.  My advice to others is to talk to someone- don't hold it in!  It doesn't help you or your baby to not talk about your blues... even if you can't pin point why you're sad, it helps to talk.  Those hormones are a b****.

***Charlie Hustle shoutout***
KC Proud

Can't wait to share more... 
Sorry this post is shorter.

See ya in a week!

Lauren, E & B


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