Week 7, We're in Heaven

Thursday, February 18, 2016

W E E K   7

The second half of our pictures came in from Rachel Moore (our wedding photographer) and we LOVE them!  Here's a few of our favorites... Remember, these are from like week 2... 

My two little bugs- I can't get enough of them.


Emmy Girl



They were SO LITTLE compared to how big they are now! Eeek- this time is FLYING!  If you're interested in her photography, you can find her through RPM photography (http://rpmkc.com/home-weddings-lifestyle).  She is amazing and does BEAUTIFUL work.

6-8   W E E K   H U M P...
We hit a bit of a slump these past few weeks.  Alex and I are getting very little uninterrupted sleep and it's starting to catch up with us.  The babes are dealing with quite a bit of gas and have had a few screaming bouts from the discomfort and let me tell you, you need at least 2 people there to handle it.  The screaming of two babies is heartbreaking and when you're alone, it's more than challenging.  I've heard from people that things start to turn around at 8 weeks and they will start sleeping through the night more.  Let's pray that it does.
Right now they seem to be on a growth spurt.  We have upped their food from 3 ounces per feeding to 5 ounces!  Which seems like a huge jump but I've noticed them acting more satisfied after feedings.  One thing I can't wait to see go away is the spit up.  It's a constant!  I make sure to put them each in bibs before, during and for an hour after they eat and it's a life saver to those outfits.  

U p d a t e   O n   M o m...
I had my 6 week postpartum appointment with my doctor this week and I'm cleared for working out!  Which I am PSYCHED about.  Even though I don't have a ton of time in my days for it, the fact I know I can is enough for me.  I took the babes up to St. James yesterday to work out because Alex had a few hours with no classes.  It felt amazing to work out, even if it was only walking on the inclined treadmill and some 5 lb weights.  The babies slept right through it!  Let's hope this becomes a routine for them.

Alex's idea for the pics--- be intimidated- those are a whopping 10 lbs a piece! ;)  I figured the rate these two are growing I need to start lifting more if I'm going to hold them!

I'm really starting to feel myself again and it feels great.  I feel like Alex and I are getting this parenting thing, besides the sleep deprivation and the gassy issues, things are all in all pretty damn good all things considered.  I feel like I could have really lost my mind a few times but with the support and people I have around me, it's been bearable.  And now that the babies are interacting with me more and smiling back, it makes everything we do worth it.  I recently told someone the first few weeks were sort of like taking care of little robot babies who couldn't make eye contact or interact with you and I felt like I was just going through the motions.  It really gets more and more exciting every week!

My handsome man- one of my favorite pictures
My whole world in one picture!

Emmy Lou and her faces... she was cracking up at Alex sticking his tongue out...


We are in the works of getting their baptism scheduled but it's looking like it will be March sometime.  We've chosen Godparents and will post lots of pictures once it happens.  

I can't sit here and type any more with almost 70 degree weather outside!  We are off the enjoy the day and take the babes for a long walk!  

Until next week...

Lauren, E & B


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