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Friday, October 14, 2016

Sorry for the day delay in getting my post up!  I've had a very busy past few days and Thursday crept up on me faster than usual.  

Becoming a mother has literally changed every aspect of my life, and for the better.  I've become a more patient person, I'm learning to listen more and talk less, give up my food for the babies (they literally want everything I eat, so I always share) and I'm learning that their needs come first.  I'll admit that on that last one, I am learning.  It doesn't just magically happen once you have a baby, although it may seem like that.  It's a learning process and it takes practice.  There is a line there however, you have to put their needs first but remember that they need a healthy mama to take care of them.  So I am constantly reminding myself that I need to eat all my meals, get some exercise in and be able to have a little time alone with my husband.

That brings me to the bulk of this post.  This past weekend, my mom took the babies overnight at her house!  I asked her to share a little about it.  It's been such an amazing thing seeing my parent's and Alex's parents become grandparents, as well as Alex's grandparents becoming great-grandparents.  I think it creates a whole new relationship between parents and adult children when those children become parents.  I have loved seeing those transformations happen.  The love I see from my parents and his towards our babies is just unreal and practically indescribable.

We went to another wedding this weekend and had a fun night out only to come home to a house without the babies.  It was the STRANGEST feeling coming home to an empty nursery.  Alex's and I enjoyed our time alone (and time to sleep in) but we missed the babies being so close to us.
With that, here's my Mom, Heidi.

The old cliché, the feelings felt when you become a Grandparent are not the same as being a parent and you will never feel those feelings until it happens, are so TRUE.  I remember my Mom driving all night from Wisconsin to Chicago just to be there to meet, hold and love her new born granddaughters. At the time, I was thrilled to have her there, but at the same time, could not completely understand the urgent desire and need. I totally understand that now.  My life was forever changed, at so many levels, when Bennett and Emily entered my world. It has been an amazing journey witnessing my daughter becoming a Mother and Alex becoming a Father, I am so proud of them both! 

My Mom (LaVonne) started a tradition with her young grandchildren when she lived on our farm in Wisconsin, she called it “Camp Grandma”.  My daughters, as well as all of their cousins treasured the time spent with her and all of the adventures she created for them.  She actually had t-shirts made for each one, such special memories which will always be treasured.  She referred to her grandchildren (and does to this day) as her “Sweethearts from Heaven”.  My goal in life is to be the incredible Grandma that my Mom has been.

My Sweethearts from Heaven (Bennett and Emily) spent their first “overnight” with me last Saturday night. I did not have special t-shirts, onesies or pajamas made for them.  I will save that for when they are a bit older and we have a much longer time together.  I adore these two little souls.  Each time I have the opportunity to see them I see the growth, the curiosity and the increasing communication. It is amazingly beautiful. They are twins, but very different individuals.  Emily is so proud of her clapping skills.  Bennett is a thinker and relishes in his quick crawling abilities.  They are both great eaters and amazing sleepers, they play hard during the day and enjoy their rest at night.  They both slept 11 hours that night!  I did check on them often, as you could imagine, rubbing their backs every once in a while to be sure they were still breathing.  I know that might seem dramatic, but it was real, it has been 25+ years since I had a baby sleeping in my home and in my care.  At one check, I did not have to rub their backs because I could hear them slightly snoring. 

I saved some of the toys, figurines and trinkets Lauren had when she was young.  After a good cleansing, Bennett and Emily were able to enjoy and explore their new “collections”.  That is what Lauren would call them when she was young, except she pronounced it “geletions”.  Note – save a few treasures from your children so your grandchildren can enjoy in future years.
Alex and Lauren could not wait to see them on Sunday morning, and the same was true for the babies, it was a joyous reunion for their blessed little family! 
I treasure every moment with these Angels and cannot wait to have them back to my home for another “Camp Grandma”.
Thank you for the opportunity to share my thoughts Lauren, much love!

Note: if you have an antique highchair without restraining devices, a simple belt will work.  Thank you Alex for helping me overcome this challenge. 

A big thank you to my mom for sharing on the blog.  I have loved having other's be able to share their experience with my babies as much as me.

Until next Thursday,
Lauren, E&B

PS: Emmy is almost walking!  She's been taking a few steps on her own... It's going to happen any day now!  Maybe in time for Halloween!

Our walks have been pretty chilly lately.  But we have still loved them!  I'm starting to realize I need warmer clothes and accessories for them.   

We went to Gap to find some winter hats and let me tell you- I had trouble picking just one out each... They have the CUTEST winter clothes for babies!  
They still love their wagon rides! 

Emmy girl selfies...
I love these two boogers more than words.


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