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Thursday, November 24, 2016

*** This was supposed to post Thanksgiving Thursday but it didn't so here it is!  Blog Tuesday!***

Happy Thanksgiving ya'll!  Hope everyone is celebrating with their families, friends and loved ones near and far.  We are enjoying our time with my family in Indiana.  Blog post next week to recap the trip and our 11 month olds!  Still can't believe that they will be a year old in one month.  
Time, you crazy son of a gun, please slow down. 

See you all next week! 

Much love and peace,
Lauren, Alex, E & B

Can't leave you without some pictures... 
One of our last walks without coats.  It was 70 degrees this day and we soaked it up.  Now that the cold is here, we are finding things to do inside.  Should be an interesting winter.  I'm sure by Spring I'll be itching to get out again.  

Emmy's friend, Magdalene, at the indoor playground.  A friend of mine invited us to a playgroup and they had it at a community center now that its cold.  The babies LOVED it.  We will definitely be going back.
Buddy, making friends.  
Or... just chasing a basketball... look at that GRIN.  He loved chasing the balls all over the gym.  A kid after Alex's heart.
They had a BLAST playing with toys and walking all over.  I though they would be overwhelmed by all the kids but they were totally relaxed and had so much fun.  I can't wait to take Alex with us.

Our tree!  
So far, only one ornament has been pulled off by Bennett.  We'll see how many before the year is over...  We might have to put up a barricade or something.
Emmy girl...

Watching Pooh... while having a little rest.  Walking is hard work.
Buddy B.
That darn nosse sucker is one of their FAVORITE things to carry around.  Thank goodness we never used that.
So we caved, and bought Winnie the Pooh on itunes.  And the excitement that came from them was so worth the $20.

Little Em at bath time.
These babies LOVE their baths.  Even more so now that they can play with toys and take them together.

B walking- hands above his head for balance.

My sassy little Em.


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