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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Last week was Alex's spring break.  He's a high school teacher and I absolutely love his job.  I love that he has breaks (Summer, Christmas, Spring) but most importantly, he's passionate and HE loves teaching.  He gets excited for work, he's enthusiastic about every day and comes home always beaming to tell me about what's happened or who's lives he's crossed paths with.

Alex and I are coming up on our 2 year anniversary (April 18th) and it doesn't seem real that was 2 years ago.  I can still vividly remember the week leading up to our wedding and stressing because of the 100% chance of rain the morning of our wedding.  People say it flies, and it does, but it sticks with you too.  I love reliving it every April.  It's also crazy how much can change in a year.  Last year, we went to dinner at Lydia's and then to the Mumford & Sons concert as part of my Christmas present.  It was probably my favorite date ever, next to the one we got engaged at.

We've grown a lot these past 2 years, and frankly a lot is an understatement.  If you can remember, Alex and I went straight from our honeymoon into about 3 weeks of "newlywed" bliss before peeing on a stick that would change our lives forever.  And also letting us know we are extremely fertile (hence, the babes).  We didn't have a ton of time to ourselves and so making time a priority now is so important to us.  We were given a book a few years back, from one of our friend's Megan and Ryan.  It's entitled "Just Married: The Catholic Guide to Surviving and Thriving in the First Five Year of Marriage" written by Dr. Greg and Lisa Popcak.  We didn't dive into it right away, rather, we put it away for a time we might need it.  This year was it.  It's a survival guide to thrive in your first 5 years of marriage and beyond.  It's been an incredible read for us, as we're doing it together, slowly and intentionally.  It's brought different conversation pieces to light and helped us center on putting our spouse before ourselves, which was a wake up call for me.  If I'm constantly doing things to make Alex happy and he's doing the same for me, how sweet is life?  Anyways, highly recommend the book.  Catholic of not, lot's of great advice and wisdom for relationships no matter where you are at.

We spent a lot of time together last week as a family of 4 and it was marvelous.  I worked Wednesday and Alex got to play golf Thursday.  The weather was C O L D the beginning of the week but warmed up to almost 80° by the end of the week!  We were even outside tanning during one of the naps.  BLISS.

Now for an update on B & E!

They are toddlers guys.  TODDLERS.  It hit me recently how fast they are growing up.  They are always eating and eating everything, they love apple juice and goldfish, they love each other and fight simultaneously, prefer shoes to bare feet but prefer no clothes to clothes.  We took away binkies this week.  The first night was rough... until they fell asleep.  Then they are fine.  It's getting them to fall asleep that's the hard part now.  I'll put them up for nap time about 1:30/2:00 each day and they spend about 45 minutes talking, laughing, passing things back and forth, etc... at least they wear out eventually.

We are quickly approaching wedding season and we have 8 so far this year, and all before July!  We will make it to 7 of them, I know... we are insane.  But it's that time in life and Alex's motto is: don't miss weddings, don't miss funerals.  We're sticking to it.

Pictures to round out the week!  Thanks for reading!  See ya'll next week!

Lauren, E&B

Always Ballin'

Yet another milestone... turning around their car seats!
St. Patrick's Day
Visiting Auntie at work!
We LOVE Auntie.
The whole fam! My mom's taking the picture and missing Auntie Anna and Uncle Sam!
My mom, Emmy and I.

Emmy and I with my Dad's dog Rae! 
Bubba.  In all his glory.  At the park, goldfish in hand.

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