4 Months!

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Alright so technically their   4   m o n t h   b i r t h d a y  is not until Saturday BUT what the heck... I'm too excited not to talk about reaching this point.

EEE!  I've always said I wouldn't dress them to match, but who am I kidding?  It's totally adorbs...   
My man B- he is such a chunk, I could kiss those cheeks all day long.
Emmy, always makin faces
The babies have passed that "4th trimester" phase and I could not be happier!   Of course I miss how tiny they were but seeing how big they are getting and how fast they are developing is even more exciting.  As I type this I am sitting in their nursery watching them finally take a normal nap, in their cribs, unswaddled (Bennett) and during the day!  Up until now, naps have been sporadic and most of the time, in their swings.  Im transitioning them to the nursery for naps (at least 3 a day for now) and today just happens to be a great day.  I couldn't be more proud.  And really, I don't have to sit here but the calm and peaceful nature of he nursery right now is much needed.

My sweet, independent little girl.  She can lay WIDE awake in her crib and not make a peep, just gazing out the window... She'll be an explorer that one... 
*Just so proud*

S l e e p...
One of the questions I get ALL THE TIME is "how's the sleeping situation?  Are they sleeping at all?" and I sort-of love and hate this question.  I love it because I like telling people that it's not bad at all, but I hate it because for those mom's out there that are having a hard time, I feel like I'm bragging.  The routine follows:
Eat around 6:30-7 PM, stretch out on the floor downstairs (most of the time in only their diapers) to kick out all their energy and expel all that spit up, wind down and get jammies on, do a final diaper change and lay them in their cribs for the night.  Emmy almost always puts herself to sleep, unswaddled and binkie-less.  B is still swaddled but I sense that coming to an end pretty soon. However that binkie I think will stick around for awhile...  They don't wake up until the early hours of the morning (between 2:30 and 4:30) for a feeding and then back to sleep.
Not bad eh?  I thank God every day for these two and for how great they are.  ***Let me remind you, I'm typing this blog on a "good" day.  Not all days are peachy keen.

W o r k...
So I have been on this "new shift" for almost 4 weeks now and last night was my first call in.  Yes.  The first time I left the babies and my husband at home and to my luck, it was for 2 hours.  It also happened to be right in the middle of the huge storm we had this week, which was comical.  It was a short work night, not all of them will be, but it was great to get back in the OR and get my hands dirty.  I was lucky to have my father-in-law and grandmother-in-law watch them last week so I could go in for a day shift and practice up.  Scrubbing hearts is *kind-of* like riding a bike but it's nice to get the practice in when I can.

B l o g...
I have now been a "blogger" for almost 5 months now and I honestly didn't think I would go this long.  I thought that I would get too busy, or forget or just run out of ideas.  And frankly, I have felt like I'm running out of topics to write about... So if you have any questions or things your curious about.. please message me or leave a comment I will TOTALLY let my life spill onto the blog, if people are interested!  I've got some ideas for the next few weeks, but they may be more unconventional blog posts, so stay tuned...

Thanks for remaining interested in our crazy life!  See you next week...
Lauren, E & B

*Pics to start your weekend off right!*
Bennett in Emmy's hat... That smile... All the feels <3
That look... It'll kill ya. Ready for spring in her (newly found in her closet) romper!
Alex and I were lucky enough to have our first overnight away from the babies and just us courtesy of my mom!  It was strange being away from them for so long, we really missed them, but the time spent together was priceless and much needed. 
Spit. Up. For. Days.  But B's smile though? Insert lovey eyes here
Proof of Emmy doing her tummy time!  She doesn't always like it, but she sticks it out and puts up with me taking pictures...
Bennett LOVES his Noggin Stik we bought on Amazon... This may be one of the twins FAVORITE toys right now... we had to buy 2!  So worth the money...

These two LOVE their BUMBO chair... We only have one right now so we switch off but I couldn't love seeing them sit up more.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! 


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