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Thursday, May 26, 2016

These 2 stinkers love just hanging in their diapers.  Free and easy...

As our 4th month comes to a close, summer has finally arrived and I couldn't be more excited!  The twins will be 5 months old on Sunday!  What!  How can we almost have had half a year with the babes?!  I'm loving feeding them solids and letting them roam the floors as they're getting their crawling legs ready to move!  Alex and I have started thinking like them and preparing to baby proof our house.  It's a matter of time before they get going and it'll be a new adventure for mom and dad.

Recently, Emmy had a really bad diaper rash.  It was awful.  The poor girl was in pain for about 2 days straight.  We used a couple of methods to rid her of it.  1.) Open to air.  I laid down an old towel in the living room and left her pant-less and diaper-less and she rolled around in front of the fan for 20 min twice a day.  She LOVED it.  It was also hilarious to watch as she has been grabbing at her feet a lot.  So, naked butt in the air was how she spent her last few afternoons. 2.)  Boudreaux's Butt Paste and Desitin Cream have been life savers.  There are hundreds of diaper creams out there, but these 2 have worked wonders.  My favorite is the butt paste.  It goes on thick and doesn't clump.  It retails at about $8 for a 4 oz tube and I highly recommend.

G a w k i n g...
What's with people staring?  Recently I took the twins down to the plaza and for once, I really counted out the people that stared as I strolled by them with the "spaceship" aka the twin stroller.  I don't mind when people stare if we really get down to it, but it does sort of make me feel like a caged animal at the zoo.  I feel like people are looking at me but I know majority of the time, they're looking to see cute babies.  I just had to bring it up.  Again, I don't mind, it just seems like people have never seen twins before.

Here's another revelation:  it's hard to loose the "mommy pooch".  Now, I know that most of loosing weight happens in the kitchen yada yada but you try eating 100% healthy all the time with babies under 6 months.  It's hard.  I'm working out, yes and I'm seeing results in all the areas but the belly.  Actually, scratch that.  I even see some abs forming but the mommy pooch REMAINS.  And it seems like it will haunt me forever.  Oh well.  Again, kind of a battle wound.  More on this at my 6 month postpartum belly post.

I t' s   A l m o s t   T h e   W e e k e n d... ((Thank God!))
No plans over here for Memorial Day but we are starting our Friday Family Fun Day tomorrow and I couldn't be more excited!  If you didn't read last week's blog, we are spending Friday's this summer exploring our city and bringing the twins along for the ride.  Most of this they won't remember but I'm hoping to get some fun pictures!  I'll document what we do via the blog and instagram (lpatriciawk).  If it rains tomorrow, we might try for something indoors... Tune in next week t see what we did.

I see you EMMY girl
High V just like his momma during her high school cheer days.  Not sure how Alex will feel about this post...
Bumbo chairs... almost getting too small for Bennett's legs...
That sweet face.... bright eyed in the morning.  Really Bennett is always bright eyed.
We just recently got this beast out of the basement (see below) and both Em and Bennett have enjoyed time in it.  Still a bit overwhelming- I don't blame them.  It's like the rainbow threw up on it.
He looks so concerned.  Mom, don't leave me.
Cuteness overload.... Emmy and Trey, her Godfather.
Emmy's new move: chewing on her toes.  She's very content in this position which looks like nothing but pain to me.

Have a great weekend readers!
Much love,
Lauren, E & B


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