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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Well July is rapidly coming to a close and surprisingly our most fun is yet to come!

Found this gem at Nordstrom and LOVE this kind of saying.  It makes me flash forward to when the babes are older and we have added a few kiddos and I hope and pray that our life sticks with these "do's" because I love this type of family life.  Mmmm cue the good feels.
F a m i l y   F r i d a y s ...
Last week we spent the day downtown KC with all of Alex's family doing a mini scavenger hunt of the city.  It was awesome because we had never really walked around that part of KC in depth before.  Alex's cousins from New Hampshire were visiting and we got to spend some time with them too!  It was a warm one but the babies did really great, even got a nap in too.

Started our walk at Barney Alice Plaza!  Great spot right in the heart of KC.
My love.  Things with him have been just great lately.  We've been closer than ever and been enjoying spending the summer together.  
Emmy girl stylin in her shades.  This was the first time she actually wore them.  Normally I put them on and she rips them off right after.  I put them on when her eyes were closed so I think for awhile, she didn't notice.  She wore them for like an hour it was so damn cute.
B, taking the front of the stroller.  Such a sir.
Out front of the KC Public Library.

Alex and I are big KC fans.  I'm originally from Chicago but only lived there for the first 4 years of my life.  So, naturally I call KC home.  Alex has lived here his whole life and also happens to know more facts about the state of Kansas than most people.  It's true.  Ask him the state song, bird, tree, motto, etc and he can name it and 3 random facts involving that thing.  It's pretty genius.  The reason we did this Friday Family thing this summer was so we could further explore our city we love.  Too many times I have heard people say once you have children, you can't do things on a whim or go out much.  We wanted to be that couple that changed that.  We had 2 babies and we still find the time to do fun things and explore, WITH our babies!  We include them!  We want them to be adventurers and to be comfortable with the world, because it can be intimidating.  It does taking some minor planning and time scheduling but nothing Alex and I cant figure out.

T w i n s...
We just switched out their infant car seats for the next step car seats that stay in the car.  It's kind of a huge step for us, leaving the comfort of having their car seats that snap into that cart.  I used to run all around the city with them when they were tiny and would sleep all the time!  Now, it's a whole different story when planning to go out with them.  I just have to prepare myself well and honestly, if it's an errand that can wait until Alex gets home... I do.  Taking the twins out with Alex is easy, but alone... it sometimes is just easier to online shop or wait to do certain things.  But as far as our walks are concerned, that I will do alone!  The babies LOVE LOVE walks, especially outside.  I just want to wait until it's not 100 degrees and gross out.

The Itsy Bitsy spider has become a staple song in our household.  For whatever reason, both babies could be freaking out and we sing that song and boom.  Smiles all around.  Not really sure why and it's ONLY that song.  Which I am weirded out by, since spiders are one of my biggest fears.  Eh, I guess I can get over that for the sake of a song.  But the minute one of them asks for a spider as a pet... I'm out.

People often ask me if the twins play with each other yet.  And no, not really.  But they are aware that they are together and they notice each other.  As far as "playing together" goes, that is not happening yet.  They are learning to steal things from each other but luckily the one that gets something stolen from doesn't always notice and just moves onto the next toy.  I know that won't last long.  I do notice that they could grab and hit and scratch at each other (unintentionally) and they don't scream, cry or even seem bothered by it!  It's as if their time in the womb just got them comfortable hitting each other in any way possible and not even noticing.  Again, I don't think that will last forever.

"I'm gonna eat your head." -Bennett
Legit sat like this watching Pooh- sweetest thing of my liiiiiiiiife.
I tried giving the babies a few cut up strawberries, in tiny mashed up pieces the other day, just to see what they would do.  They starred at them and smashed them into their high chairs a bit and then just seemed disinterested.  I think they are a bit too young still to understand or have the dexterity to pick up food bits.  It's around the corner.  On an unrelated note, they are seconds away from crawling!  Which is SO excited and terrifying at the same time!  Time to start baby proofing.

Smiley Babes.

Dad and B being crazy.
My girl Em... already a PRO at selfies... uh oh...
Like I said in the beginning, our most fun is coming up this summer with a trip to the lake, a weekend away for me (anxious excitement), Alex turns 26 and a family wedding in Illinois!  Lots of fun stuff for this family of 4!

See you next week loves.

Peace, and please... love each other!

Lauren, E & B


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