Time to S A V E

Thursday, February 2, 2017

S a v e 
Anyone hitting that  w i n t e r   l u l l ?  We are... but I am resisting.  Keeping natural light coming in through the windows, watching fun Disney movies, making yummy dinners and trying to "make a plan" for every day are some of the things that help.  We have had some unusually warm days this winter, I know it could be a hell of a lot worse.  So I am thankful, and soak those days up as much as I can.  But I also have 2 babies who seem to have had runny noses since like November.  I honestly think we were pretty lucky their first year of life.  We didn't see a ton of colds, sick days, etc... a few here and there but nothing major.  Or maybe it's just that they are getting older and are exposed to more, hence them constantly having a runny nose.  Who knows.  <-- lol at that weird play on words.  I can't wait for {S P R I N G}.

This week, I've felt the need to challenge myself and set a goal for the month: save.  We recently confirmed a fun trip for the summer (Alex and I only... eeek!!! )  and we just want to set ourselves up to enjoy that trip.  More on that later.  I took a look at our checking account for the past month and knew if I added up all the "unnecessary" spending, it would be a hefty number.  Starbucks reloads, fast food runs, Amazon and Target shopping runs, etc... It all adds up.  And I am not saying that going to Starbucks is horrible and you shouldn't ever do it.  Because Starbucks is a gift from heaven and one of my favorite places ever.  It just became so easy for me to reload that card whenever I wanted a latte.  And I'll be honest here... my coffee's from Starbucks are of course the *frou-frou-frilly $4.95 lattes*.  So that's definitely in the unnecessary category.

This month will be a refreshing start.  I've challenged my family to save and we started yesterday, February 1st!  We began with a fridge and freezer clean out.  All of our meals this week are using things we already have, hence saving us $50+ for our weekly grocery shop.  We will use the food we have until it's gone and then meal plan to save even more money rather than going grocery shopping blindly.  I've also started using Hy-Vee's online grocery shopping again!  I don't know why I ever stopped, really.  I can really think about what we NEED versus what I am craving and just WANT.  We can then stick to our budget this month and really save.

One month.  It can be done.  We will do it.  I can't wait to tell you how it goes in March.

It's rare that I can take pictures anymore without someone coming right up to the camera.  The pictures, in turn, turn out pretty funny.

Also, 1 year olds don't ever sit still.  Ever.
The weekend is almost here and I can't believe its February.  I know everyone and their mom says that but really guys, I can't believe that Alex and I are a few months away from our 2 year anniversary.  It's just blowing my mind.  There's a lot in store for this next year.  Hope you'll stick with us through it all!

PS... I am scheduling Emmy and Bennet's first dentist appointment for March.  What.  Is.  LIFE.  More to come on that.

Have a great weekend, and as Ellen always says:  be kind to one another.  Please!

♡ Lauren, E&B
Oh also... died the ends of my hair pink.... why?  Because life's short and I wanted to.


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