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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Hi Friends!

This summer has seemed to go by faster than a bowl of goldfish in front of Bennett.  It’s been awhile and I’ve missed writing and am here with an update post for you!  Summer 2017 is proving to be very eventful indeed.  We just came off 7 weddings from April to end of June and they were all amazing, beautiful, and just the best time with the best of friends but we are ready for a break from them.  Is that terrible?  Over the 4th weekend, we headed to Kahola Lake with our best friends and, a much needed weekend of relaxation.

This could be my all time favorite picture just ever.  The pure joy in Alex's face, the determination in Emmy's and the curiosity in B's (also rock in hand)... my world, my loves...  
B the man.  With his rock.
We have had two road trips so far this summer, one to Iowa for a wedding that Bennett and Emmy were in and one to Minnesota for a wedding but also to see my family.  Both were surprisingly not as hard as I thought they would be with two 17 month olds.  But don’t get me wrong… we had our moments.  Moments of complete frustration, utter exhaustion and “why did we ever think this would be fun?”  No, I’m being dramatic on that last one.  I don’t know how anyone would do it without a partner that is just willing to roll with the punches, who knows this part of life will be messy and who just loves being a dad with his whole being.  I couldn’t have done this summer without Alex.  He’s been my rock, solid voice, calming presence, all while going back to grad school for his masters.  I am just so grateful for him.  And damn proud.

St. Croix boat tour, courtesy of my Uncle Gregg! 

He must have slept like this for an hour and a half.  That relationship is inseparable.
Fam Bam in Iowa!
The ring bearer who bore no rings and the flower girl who destroyed her flowers.  I would say they scored an 8/10?
Wedding rehearsal! 
B, leaving Emmy behind.  Pretty normal.
Our hotel room was pretty much destroyed.  Two toddlers can do more damage than you think.  Sorry Comfort Inn.
Beautiful Iowa... also... hot Iowa.
Channeling her inner Moana... minus the ocean and hair. 
They look sweet and innocent now... :)
Em and Ben are basically adult’s guys.  Holy moly, they tell you time goes fast but you just never think THIS fast.  They are officially 18 months and moving faster than I ever thought tiny feet could.  The talking is what’s mostly new this month.  They are repeating us, learning words from Sesame Street, talking to each other (in a language all their own… and probably about me most likely) and eating what seems like 3x their body weight in a day.  Seriously… I don’t know how moms do it cooking everything fresh all the time.  Frozen food is my saving grace.  And I’m not ashamed.

Side bar:  I really hate the heat, unless I’m sitting in front of a pool with an iceberg in hand (corona with margarita floating on top… basically the best thing that ever graced the bar and probably the reason we left our honeymoon knocked up).  But this summer is warming up and warming up quickly.  We are spending time outside where the babies WANT and seem to NEED to be.  For being born in the thick of winter, it’s amazing how much they love this Kansas heat.  Still, I’ll sweat for them.  I’ll sit outside and think how hard our A/C is working to make our house arctic for an empty house.  Because you’ll most likely find us sitting in the front or back yard, collecting sticks and rocks, playing in water or drawing chalk lines (they are very good at drawing lines… nothing else really.  But those lines...)

Couple of outdoorsy goons.
Splash pads are God's actual gift to parents of toddlers... once they warm up to water spraying them in the face.

Don't let her evil glare fool you.  The girl is loving the water.

Alex and I have our trip to Italy coming up in less than 2 weeks and I’m telling you… this trip could not be coming at better time.  Continuing on that in another post. 
My man, my city.
I’m going to be getting back into blogging.  I took about 3 months off (even though I said I would keep it at least once a month… eek) and I’m feeling ready to share again.  I still can’t tell you how often but I want to.

Anyways… hope everyone is having an amazing summer, staying cool and enjoying life.  It’s so precious guys.  So precious.  Hug someone special to you today.  Just do it.

See ya’ll soon.

Lauren, E&B


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