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Thursday, January 4, 2018

Happy New Year Everyone!

I kind of strongly don't like the whole "new years resolution/ new year, new me" yada yada that happens every year, sorry to start off negatively.  To me, it's setting myself up to fail.  Because let's be honest, I'm still going to end the year spending too much money on things I don't need and eating delicious foods that aren't really that great for me.  BUT... I am going to try and tackle something this year: debt.  When the babies were really tiny and I was able to actually listen to a podcast, I listened to Dave Ramsey.  I like the way he teaches people about money, especially someone like me, who's view of money is totally out of whack.  Anyways- more on that to come in another post.

2018 is going to be one hell of a year, I just know it.  Let's talk about where we're at and where we (think) we're going!

E m m y  &  B e n n e t t

 THEY TURNED 2!  Can you believe it?  We celebrated on their actual birthday: Dec. 30th.  We took them to Winstead's, a local KC diner, with our families then back to our house for cake, presents and drinks!  It was the perfect night because we didn't overdo anything.  Last year was so crazy with almost 60 people here for their 1st birthday.  AND if you can remember, Bennett had a bilateral ear infection that day and we ended up missing the beginning of the party being in the ER.  

This year was much better.  I made both of their cakes (from a box, but homemade frosting- mom win) and they turned out super cute.  Here's the link for the frosting I made- super easy, and tasted amazing, even days later.  Bennett's was Pooh themed and Emmy had a Trolls cake.  I found the toppers on Amazon for super cheap.

(Pics courtesy of my Mom and Olivia Morgan)

Now that they are two, it feels like the next step for them is to potty train, learn how to communicate better and take them to more social experiences to learn how to be around other littles.  That's the 'perfect plan' and it'll go off without a hitch right?  HAH.  I'm tired thinking about it even as I type this.  But everything will come with time.  I'm not putting any time frames on anything.  It would be nice to have both of them out of diapers by the time MJ comes but it would also be nice to have a private island.

They're doing sooo great with their skills.  Alex has taught B how to shoot baskets and sweet Emmy can sing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" in it's entirety.  I'm so proud of how they act in public and around people.  I would be lying if I said they played together nicely all the time though.  We are still working on sharing and not screaming when we want things, but hey... they just turned 2 right?  Plenty of time for that.

M a r g a r e t   J o a n

I'm 22 weeks today with baby girl and May still feels like an eternity away.  126 days left seems short though, and I know it'll be here faster than I know.  Alex finished the nursery over winter break and I love it.  Probably my fave room in the house.  I will share pictures closer to her arrival.

18 weeks
20 weeks
*** I haven't been keeping up with belly pictures QUITE like I did with the twins, but here are a few... better than nothing amiright?

She's a mover and a shaker, I can already tell.  I'm not sure if she really has more room in there because the twins stretched everything out but she moves SO MUCH and I love it.  I often find myself just staring at my belly and watching her jabs, imagining she's saying, "I know the twins are ganging up on you, but I got your back Ma!"  No, in all seriousness, it's pretty amazing to feel the movements of one compared to two.  In the early weeks with the twins, I never knew who was kicking or moving.  Towards the end I could tell more, but I just feel a different bond with MJ already.  And I am beyond excited to see her.

F a m i l y   L i f e   &   Y e a r   a t   a   G l a n c e

Christmas Eve Mass
We are coming off "winter break" as Alex went back to school today.  It was bittersweet.  I have absolutely LOVED having him home.  We did so much around the house and spent so much time just being together.  Christmas was amazing and exhausting.  We had so much family time, which was amazing and so needed.  Sinking back into normal life is nice too.  We put away all our Christmas stuff earlier than last year, as we were ready for a clean slate and the simplicity of January.  Once all the Christmas stuff was gone, Alex kept saying how "bare" things looked around our house and truthfully, it was!  But I love it.  The space to create, move and grow as a family and open up our lives for Maggie is there and ready.

Family Pic Outtakes
Alex's Christmas Party
Annual trip to the Train exhibit at Union Station 
Things with Santa went...
Literally 2.5 seconds after the Santa pic and candy canes in hand!
Dinner on the Plaza!
Alex will begin his next semester of grad school in the next few weeks and the twins will start indoor swim lessons Saturday!  I'm actually psyched for that.  It'll probably be a disaster but getting them started early was the advice I was given, and so we will go.

I'm starting this year with no huge expectations, lots of diffusing of oils and candles, more blogging and keeping things simple.  I wish everyone the best and can't wait to share what this year has in store for us.

See you soon!



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