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Friday, April 20, 2018

Hi friends!  Feels good to be back and writing again.  I'm sorry I've been MIA but my computer broke and it's been super hard to find ways to blog without it.  So here I sit, on my anniversary gift from Alex finally getting back into blogging!

Yesterday marked Alex and I's 3rd anniversary.  I feel like every other day I am saying how surprised I am life moves this fast.  And it's true.  Looking back on those pictures and reminiscing makes me so happy.  The day was perfect.  Everyone we love and care about were at the party and it was everything I could have imagined and more.

Just the best wedding party  E V E R.

L i f e

Saturday we were blessed to have a little "sprinkle" for Maggie!  It got us even more anxious for her arrival.  I'm almost 38 weeks and I am just itching to meet this little girl.  But not from Cholestasis!  Thank GOD no signs of it this time around.  My belly has been a bit itchy but I think it's just from the stretching.

People often say, "whoa! you're big!" and I don't really care because all I feel is that I'm LOADS smaller than I was with the twins.  Hell, I didn't even see 37 weeks with the twins!  They were born at 36 weeks and 4 days!  It is so surreal to me that I am having a "normal pregnancy" after having a high risk one and that being all I knew.
My rock.  Alex has been so great spoiling me throughout this pregnancy.  He's so patient, helpful and determined to make me as comfortable as possible being pregnant and mothering 2 toddlers.
I cannot wait guys.  

T w i n s   U p d a t e

One of the most common things I hear from people is, "are the twins ready for the baby?"  And my response is always the same... they have no idea what's coming.  But really that's not 100% accurate.  They know there's a baby in mama's belly, named Maggie.  They know she has a room, decorated and full of cute clothes and diapers.  But I don't think they understand she will be another permanent addition to our lives in just a few (hopefully short) weeks!

B & E are growing like weeds.  We bought little potty's for them awhile back to get them interested in   but so far we have only had one successful pee from Bennett.  We are working with Emmy on just being comfortable pooping in her diaper.  She had a terrible bought of constipation and it hurt for her to poop for awhile.  So now we are just encouraging her to not hold it in.  Our pediatrician told us a half cap of Miralax a day mixed in her juice can help if she's gone a few days without being able to poop comfortably.  For now we are putting potty training on the back burner until Maggie is here and well established.  We don't want to train and spend that time, only to regress and have them want diapers after seeing Maggie in diapers.

They are talking like crazy, having somewhat regular conversations, understanding Alex and I more and of course, arguing with each other.  I try not to laugh but when they get mad at each other, they will send each other to time out.  It's hilarious.

We have LOVED going to Toddler Storytime at the local public library.  It's a 30-45 min program where the librarian leads them in stories, singing and dancing to themed songs, and little hands-on activities like the noise sticks above.  They were super nervous about it at first but now they expect it every week! 
Indulging in donuts!
The hat lasted for 2.5 seconds.
Emmy's true love: Belle.  Just as I loved Beauty and the Beast, she is equally (maybe even more) obsessed.
Playdate with the Walters!  We have loved having playdates with people as the weather's been getting nicer.  It wears the kiddos out and ensures they get a good nap (and I can get some rest too!)

Papa Murphy's has these "Mini Murphy's" kids pizzas that come with the dough rolled out and toppings so kids can make their own pizzas!  So cute and such a good idea.  They loved it.  Thanks Mom!

We don't have huge plans for the last few weeks before Maggie gets here.  I just want to relax, take in Spring, spend time with Em and Bennett and try to enjoy the last few weeks of being pregnant.  

Until next time, and maybe with a baby in my arms...

PS: Pics of the nursery!  Alex painted the room and it turned out super cute, could be one of my fave rooms in the house.  Baby girl- we can't wait for you to see it!


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