Twins vs. Singleton: Pregnancy

Thursday, May 3, 2018

People are ALWAYS asking me, "how much easier is this pregnancy than your first?"  And it's been very different I can tell you. Not always easier, but different.  First and foremost, here's the current situation.

S t a t s

Twin Pregnancy: Emmy and Bennett
Born at 36 weeks and 4 days.  Was measuring 47+ weeks.
Induction because of Cholestasis.
Babies weighed 6 lbs 3 oz and 6 lbs 5 oz.

Singleton Pregnany:  Margaret (Maggie)
TBD :) I am currently sitting at 39+ weeks and measuring right at 40 weeks.
Lots of Braxton Hick's contractions the past week, but nothing huge.
Going to try for natural VBAC delivery.  Wish us luck!

With the twins, it was not only my first pregnancy, but it was a high risk one and one that none of my close friends or acquaintances had been through.  I was overly cautious, aware and called in to the triage line with all kinds of questions and concerns during the later months of the pregnancy.  I was also working full time days at the time and it was more convenient for me to go over to labor and delivery at KU if I wasn't feeling like something was right.

I didn't drink caffeine, watched very closely what I ate, and was a GEM at taking weekly baby bump pics.  I even had energy and motivation to work out all the way up until I was about 30 weeks! It was as straight forward a pregnancy as you can get, until the end where the Cholestasis hit and my emergent delivery (for more on that, check back to January 2016 posts for my birth story).  I remember the weeks leading up to the delivery:  it was winter so the weather was dreary, cold and unforgiving.  I struggled with things to wear (maternity stuff is great and all, but finding things that were comfortable and didn't look like a sack of potatoes was hard for me).

I was LARGE, ladies and gents.  For those of you who don't remember... here's a couple of belly pics right before they were born.
This was taken my last day of work with the twins.  I stopped working just before hitting 34 weeks and it needed to happen.  I was too big and too uncomfortable to do my job well and ended up needing those few weeks to rest and try to gear up for life after the twins.  Although, I did go a bit stir crazy, that I do remember.
4 days before they were born!  I felt really good that day.  Probably because it was Christmas Eve and that's my favorite holiday.  So thanks for being born around then JC.  Helped me out.
I just remember hating how big and heavy my belly was.  And pregnancy means a heavy belly, I get that.  And it is such a short amount of time feel uncomfortable for such a beautiful miracle (in our case 2!) of bringing babies into this world, but at the time, I couldn't get in and out of bed by myself, off the couch, into the car normally, or even just sit normally.  When sitting down becomes even uncomfortable, well I'll let you imagine.
Day before they arrived!

Hard to really see the true comparison of my belly with both pregnancies since I was NOT great at taking belly pics this time around.  I took a few and here they are next to the twins.

18 weeks with Twins
18 weeks with Maggie
21+ weeks with twins on left and with Maggie on right
34 weeks with Twins
34+ weeks with Maggie
With my current pregnancy, I'm already farther along then I have ever been.  Sitting at 39 weeks now, I am ready to meet this little girl like crazy!  Alex thinks she will maker her appearance on the 5th- Cinco de Mayo and her Grandpa's birthday!  I would be super happy with this week- as long as she is healthy and I want a safe, smooth delivery.  It's definitely testing my patience and my inner planner is a wreck.

37 weeks with Maggie
38 weeks with Maggie
39 weeks with Maggie! 
Overall, this pregnancy has been pretty straightforward.  Besides my bout with Pericarditis in November, things have been very normal.  I haven't had any signs of the Cholestasis returning, I've felt big but NOTHING compared to the size of my twin belly.  The hardest part of this pregnancy has been keeping up with the twins (shoutout to the blog name).  Toddlers have some ENERGY.

I would say the biggest difference for me has been the size of my belly and missing out on the weekly ultrasounds to keep up with weight gain and see the babies.  I haven't seen Maggie since her 20 week ultrasound and it seems so long ago!   I'm so eager to see who she looks more like, if she has hair, how much she weighs, yada yada.

Can't wait for the next blog post... which will be after Maggie is here and I'm so excited to introduce her to everyone!  Hope everyone is enjoying the Spring weather (FINALLY) and gearing up for what will be an awesome summer, I just know it.

Until next time,
Lauren, E, B, & MJ


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