MJ's Birth Story

Sunday, May 27, 2018

MJ is HERE ya'll!  And I'm sure you've seen it all over my social media.  This birth story will be very different from the twins birth story.  

I went into my last scheduled OB appointment on May 8th and was checked for dilation.  The plan was to decide our next action based on my body's progression.  I was 1+ dilated but had been having intense, irregular contractions all week.  I was frustrated I wasn't farther along than that.  My OB gave us 3 options:

1.) Schedule a C-Section for that week. (40 weeks)
2.)  Induce me on the 13th to have her VBAC on the 14th.
3.). Wait another week to see if she comes naturally and if not, schedule a C- Section for the following week. (41 weeks)

We chose #1, and boy am I glad we did.

Taken right before I went back to get prepped for surgery.
Thursday morning came around and we were scheduled for 11 am!  It felt weird getting everything organized home, packing our bags normally (even though mine had been packed for 3 weeks already) and knowing that in less than a few hours we would be meeting our sweet girl.  We arrived at KU MED at 9 am and walked in for the last time as parents of 2.  The twins were spending the day with Grandma Becky and we planned on them coming up later that afternoon to meet Maggie.

Alex and I were giddy.  We had not made it to 40 weeks with the twins (they were born at 36 weeks and 4 days) and so this pregnancy seemed to draw on forever.  We were just so excited and seeing as though I went through 30+ hours of labor with the twins, this seemed so smooth and relaxing.  Weird, right?  Alex met me back in pre-op and we had about 1.5 hrs until go time.  We, of course, watched The Office on our phone and made bets on Maggie's weight.

Alex: 7 lbs 5 oz.
Me: 7 lbs 8 oz.
My OB: 7 lbs 10 oz.

We were all off.
Alex all ready to go!  Looks pretty good in scrubs, I might add.
Here we go!!!
I walked back to the OR around 10:45 and jumped up on the table.  Again, strangely bizarre considering I was wheeled back in excruciating pain with the twins.  My CRNA was amazing.  They did a spinal block, which I had never had before.  Weirdest feeling ever.  She worked quickly and within 2 minutes, I felt my legs going numb.  They laid me back on the table and began prepping my belly and getting me positioned.  The CRNA told me to let her know if I felt weird.  I did.  I felt lightheaded, nauseous, strange.  I told her and turns out a drop in blood pressure after the spinal can happen and did for me.  Down in the 70's, I felt awful and I thought... I'm going to be sick for MJ's birth.  But after quick action by my CRNA and some powerful IV drugs, I felt a lot better.  Less than 10 minutes went by, and Maggie was born!  They pulled down the drape and showed me my sweet baby girl.

What a CHUNK! My heart melted, I couldn't contain my joy and the tears started flowing.  Hormones are REAL man.  Alex got to cut the cord, something he wasn't able to do with the twins and he held her with me for those first few breaths in this world.  Everything around us went away and I just watched her.  I couldn't believe she was here!

9# 5oz!  3 lbs bigger than the twins were!  She still felt small... crazy to me how that is.
It was cozier in Mom's belly.

First family pic (minus the twins)

Becky and Chris, Alex's parents, brought the twins up to meet Maggie and see Mom and Dad later that afternoon!  It was so great.  They were overwhelmed with being at the hospital, seeing all the family and seeing Mom in a weird bed.  But I think they understood that Maggie was their baby sister.  Emmy wanted to hold her right away and Bennett took some coaxing.  He was a little more stand-off-ish but still always watching and looking at his little sister.

My mom, Heidi, who took a lot of the first pics of Maggie you've seen above.
Alex's parents, Chris and Becky meeting Maggie.
Emmy, not sure and Buddy, all smiles!
Dad of 3! And again, my ROCK throughout the whole experience.
Maggie, passing her checkup!

Buddy, warming up to Miss Maggie.

Pics from my sister... She already looks so different from these!  She lost a little bit of weight, like all newborns, in the hospital (down to 8 lbs 14 oz).  When we left she was 9 lbs exactly!

Alex spent the night with Maggie and I Thursday night, but Friday night he went home to be Dad to the twins and get stuff ready for her arrival home Saturday.  I was flying solo Friday night and it challenged me.  When the twins were born, they were in the NICU our entire hospital stay.  They had their own rooms and nurses and I could retreat back to my room for some "sleep".  I didn't ever worry about them when I left them.  With Maggie, she roomed with me the whole time, which I loved but also through me into reality.  That first night, she had trouble with spit up and coughing up amniotic fluid.  Thankfully the night nurse realized we were having troubles and took her to the nursery for a few hours to suction her out and give us a few hours of rest.  Overall, the stay was great, our nurses were great and we were there shorter than I expected, which is also great.

Leaving the hospital on Saturday!

L i f e  a t  H o m e

It has been crazy, I won't lie.  Life with 3 just always seems busy.  But it's also been amazing too.  I love love love seeing Emmy and Bennett interact with her.  They love to "help Mom" change Maggie, which really means playing in her room while I remembered and struggled with how hard it is to change a newborn's diaper.  Everything is SO SMALL when you've been used to 2T, 3T and 4T clothing!  (Yeah Bennett is starting to fit into some 4T clothing... as a 2.5 year old... )

My girls.

Alex is now officially done with school for the summer and I couldn't be more excited.  The week I had to myself was FINE, not easy, not glamorous, and I definitely wore my pj's and didn't brush my teeth some days, but all my children survived, were happy 90% of the time and it made me realize it's possible!  This weekend has been a great start to the summer, and I couldn't be more excited for the next few months.

Aren't they basically teenagers???

I'm sorry the blog took so long to get out, but when you're raising 3 babies, most of my "free time" is spent loving on them, or rewatching The Office for the 900th time.  No judgements.

Next blog I'll talk about breastfeeding, and life with 3 under 3!  Thanks for reading and Happy Memorial Day to everyone!

Until next time...
Lauren, E, B, & MJ


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