Week 10, How Great It's Been

Thursday, March 10, 2016

W e e k   10   i s   h e r e!
The babies did GREAT on their first road trip to Indiana.  They slept pretty much the entire way there.  We stopped a little after STL to feed them at a Panera and continued on to Evansville.  We felt a little off when we got home but they are back on track already and doing well.  They got to meet some of their other cousins (my cousin's children) and I was so glad they got to meet some of my family already.  I was thinking it wouldn't be until Thanksgiving.  Below are a few pics... most of which were taken at my Great Uncle's house in STL where we stopped to feed on the way home.

Something was very funny to Emmy and Bennett wasn't having it... 
Emmy: a little unsure about this trip.
U p d a t e   O n   T h e   B a b e s...
Last Thursday before we left for the funeral, Emmy and Bennett had their 2 month check up!  Both are doing great as far as the doc could see!  They also got their first round of vaccines and they did so great.  Those little troopers let out a few big bursts cries and were calm a few minutes later.  Bennett weighed 11 lbs 15 oz and Emmy weighed 10 lbs 15 oz!  B is one whole pound heavier than his little sis!  And we can feel it!  He eats great and is holding his head up almost all the time!  Although we think his little double chins and neck rolls help him out a bit :)  Sorry buddy... it's true and also adorable.

 Such a smiley little man...
GAH this smile absolutely kills me :))
Me and my little man
Emmy has been eating less than her brother and at first Alex and I were a bit concerned but once they told us she was gaining weight well, we weren't worried.  She also has a bit of cradle cap on her face and neck. The doctor said it was attributed to her dry skin.  She also could have a slight milk allergy so we experimented with soy formula and since then her skin has looked better.  We also bought some coconut oil from Natural Grocers and it's been working MIRACLES on her face.

My little soy bean (insert heart eye emojii)
Little model girl
As you can see, they are all smiles over here lately!  I've never seen such happy babies.  They are smiling at everyone and they are starting to really see and recognize people.  It's incredible to see these milestones.  We are still doing tummy time and practicing pushing their heads up!  They will be moving and shaking here before we know it.

S l e e p   T r a i n i n g   U p d a t e...
So we have modified the sleep training that Suzi talks about in her book and for the last few weeks it's been working pretty well!  We feed the babies every 4 hours during the day and after the last feeding, we give baths if needed, change into PJs, have some quiet time, read books and then we lay them in their own cribs drowsy but not asleep, turn on the night light and noise machines and walk out of the room.  It's been working!!!  They fall asleep on their own and we have been able to have our nights back for ourselves to spend as a couple!  It's been great!  Sunday was one of the best nights ever.  The babies ate around 6:30 pm and were in their cribs by 8 pm.  Alex and I woke to Bennett crying and I looked at the clock.  It was 3:00 AM!  Unreal.  They slept for 7 freaking hours and I couldn't have been more proud.  We were sure this was a random awesome night but then last night... IT HAPPENED AGAIN!  We fed them around 8 and put them down around 9 and they didn't wake up until 3 AM again!  Just.  So.  Great.  But it doesn't happen every night yet but we are getting there I can feel it!  They still have about 1-2 feedings per night normally but they go back to sleep right after and Alex and I are able to feel more rested.

 B fell asleep like this after being super active on his activity mat... 
Little love!

B a p t i s m...
The babies are getting baptized in a few weeks!  Palm Sunday- March 20th at 12:30 at Holy Trinity and we are so excited :)  We have decided to choose separate Godparents for each of them.  My sister Anna and Alex's brother Trey are Emmy's and our best friends Meredith Smith and Mike Ford are Bennett's.  I can't wait!  If you are interested in coming to the Church please do.  It's such a beautiful sacrament and we would love to have as many as we can witness it.  Pictures to come...

Next week is Alex's Spring Break and I'm working 2 days so Daddio has some quality time with the babes!  When I'm at work, family has been stepping in to watch them and it's been a god-send.  We couldn't do this without them.  I start my new shift April 4th and I am so excited for it!  It'll be a great new chapter in our lives...

Thanks for reading! See you guys next week...

Lauren, E &B

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