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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Bennett, "Hey gurl, how you dern?"
Phamily Photo 
Still working on that neck strength Em...
There she goes...

Happy St. Patty's Day!  

And also, Alex's and I's 4 year "dating" anniversary!  The babies are 11 weeks old this week and continually amazing Alex and I at their growth, physically and mentally.

We spent the day with family and had a blast.  We went down to the plaza and walked around with Auntie Anna, saw Grandma and Grandpa Keith at O'Dowd's and went shopping with mommy at her favorite store: Anthropologie!  Then we visited Grandpa West's house for the first time while mom and dad got to enjoy some corned beef and cabbage!  Bennett was eyeing our food, I feel like he resents us for eating real food sometimes... the kid can eat!

T w i n   U p d a t e...
Emmy went to the doctor yesterday because we thought she might have an ear infection.  GOOD NEWS! She is infection free.  But we didn't get any answers for why she has been extra fussy lately.  She has been eating waaaay less than Bennett and will sometimes bear down so hard when feeding she will only get down 1-2 ounces before refusing to eat.  We've had to use loads of patient while feeding that little lady.  The doctor said some of the things that could be contributing to her fussiness are early teething, colic or upset tummy.  All of which have very different solutions.  So Alex and I have been patient with her and using gas drops, colic calm and tylenol every once in awhile.  Sis has also had more issues with her skin.  It's SO incredibly dry.  Coconut oil has helped but not solved the issues.  Poor lil girl... hopefully this is just a phase.  Her smiles continue to stop me in my tracks and melt my heart.  This little babe will definitely be a heartbreaker...

New headbands... stylin little girl... They are a little large...She'll grow into them.
LOVIN my swing 
Wearing brother's PJs...

Thanks to Grandma B for the awesome onesies for our first St. Patrick's Day!
Bennett has been just a chummy lil dude.  He had all the issues in the beginning and now couldn't be cuter and sweeter.  He cracks me up with his wide eyes and genuine smile.  He's got to be over 13 lbs now and growing every day.  My lil future linebacker...

Hey B... look more surprised....
Practicing sitting up! 

Just chillin in my birthday suit... 

The babes are getting baptized this weekend!!! We are so excited to see family and to spend time with them!  I'm excited for them and for the baptism, as I haven't been to one since, well, maybe Anna's (lol).  But really.  It's pretty cool that they will officially be a part of the Church and not little pagan babies anymore  :)

This week was Alex's spring break and he was home with the babes for 2 days...  I worked and leaving them at home was harder than leaving them with my mom.  It just felt like I was loosing out on family time... He definitely had some revelations home with the babes.  Luckily he had help, just as I had, from my sister and his mom.  His thoughts....

Hello blog world! So one of the most amazing things about being a teacher is the amount of time we have off and get to spend with our family. I always used to love having my mom at home in the summers and during breaks. This was my first break at home with the kids. The first day could not have gone better. It was a dream day! Emmy woke up first, I fed her, and just as she finished and was all smiley in her chair Bennett woke up and ate next. The rest of the rest of the day was just perfect. The sun was out, Dad was in beast mode and the house was so peaceful. 
The next day I was at home it was a something out of my worst nightmare. Sometimes you just can't win and all day I felt like I couldn't catch a break. They both woke up screaming at around 6am, 30 minutes after Lauren had left the house. For the next 4 hours I held one while the other cried. I played this weird sort of hot potato game where no matter what I did calmed the babies down. Luckily Anna, who has been our guardian angel, came to the rescue in the afternoon. The extra set of hands was great and she is starting to learn, like Lauren and I have, the things that calm each of them down.
When I'm at work I usually don't answer texts, but since I had kids I check it whenever I get a text from Lauren. It has created a fun thing where I check and my students immediately ask me, How's Lauren and the kids? Sometimes she is just sending me pictures of an "it's all good" text. But other times she text me telling me how she can't calm them down. I never truly understood what she was feeling until that 2nd day. I usually respond with some encouraging words or any advise I have and when I texted Lauren that day she did the same for me. I never really realized just how great of a mom Lauren was until she was back at work. Her patience, kindness and way with the kids is really indescribable. I am really the luckiest person in the world and I knew, even when I was dating her, that she was going to be a great mother. Every day she amazes me. And she didn't even pay me to write this. 
The last thing I will briefly talk about is my favorite part of the day. Each night when we get the kids down we say the Guardian Angel prayer over our kids. I can't wait for this tradition to continue on to when our kids can say it along with us. We have also decided to make Saints Benedict and Scholastica (fraternal twins) their patron saints. We ask for their intercession each night and we would love it if you kept us in your prayers as well. Sorry if this was long winded. Until next time!
-Alex A.K.A. Dad

P i c t u r e s...
Grandpa West and Emmy Lou... #makinfaces
These two hams... 
BFF's for LIFE
Thanks for reading!  Sorry for the shortness of this post... with working 2 days this week and the holiday, Thursday sure crept up on me... Lots of LOVE!  See ya next Thursday!  

Lauren, E&B

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