Week 9 Feelin' Fine

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

2   M O N T H S   O L D

This is incredible for me to write!  The babies are 9 weeks old, today!  I'm posting on a Wednesday because tomorrow we are leaving for Indiana.  My grandfather passed away this week and so his funeral is Friday morning.  It will be the first time we will have taken the babies out of town and so this will be a packed few days.  Pray for us as we set out tomorrow.

I had my first day back to work this week on Tuesday and it was really not that bad!  It was great to see everyone at KU again and to get back into the swing of things!  I was put into a really hard case but was glad for the challenge.  My mom watched the babies, so knowing they were in great hands helped make it easier.

The babies are growing faster than I can type!  They are eating plenty and now eat every 4 hours consistently.  We have started the sleep training and have modified it a little to fit our lifestyle.  We feed them around 7:45 pm every night and then get them in their PJs.  They are a little wound up after eating so we spend time with them on the floor, in low light and let them kick their legs and get out energy.  After about 20 minutes of this they get tired out and we take them upstairs to their nursery.  We keep the nursery dark and have have the humidifier on for white noise, a night light and a lullaby sleep sheep.  It's a nappers PARADISE.  These kids have no idea how lucky they are ;)  We rock with them for about 5 minutes, say a prayer and put them down in their cribs.  We then leave the nursery and close the door.  They have been sleeping soundly until 12:30/12:45 each night.  Then we wake up and feed them again.  We have another feeding around 4 AM and then it all starts over at 7:30 AM.  It's been working pretty well so far! We hope that over the next few weeks we can continue to up their ounces, especially the feeding before bed and have them go longer at night.

Alex and I had a day date this weekend at a home KU game.  We went out to Lawrence, walked around Allen Fieldhouse, watched KU win, ate lunch at the Oread and enjoyed drinks at the top of the hotel.  It was such a fun day and great for us to get out and spend some quality time with each other.  Alex still amazes me at how great of a husband and father he is.  He is constantly positive, uplifting and can still make me laugh harder than anyone else.  I don't know what I would do without him.  These past 2 months have been the most challenging of my entire life but doing them with him has been...incredible.

Pardon my BEAUTIFUL hair but that wind was insane.  At the top of the Oread... it was surprisingly my first time up there!  Great view of Lawrence. GAH I missed that city.

This post is shorter this week and for that I apologize.  I'm pretty preoccupied this week.   Enjoy some cute pics of the babes... There are always cute pics to share!

Our daily walks!  I take these two out every day I can for a walk... even if we only go a mile we at least get out of the house and get some fresh air.  I'm convinced this adds to them sleeping well.  Plus, I get a good cardio workout in ;)
Godmother and Auntie Anna with Emmy... cuties! 
Emmy looks like a Bitty Baby here... hanging out with Mike who is such a natural...
He legit slept like this for an hour.  I think his pacifier could be his best friend.
EEEEE! Buddy!  Such a happy little guy.

Emmy girl... just showing off for the camera! 
"Why all the pics ya crazy lady?"
"Mom... I'm serious.. I need to start getting paid for this if you keep it up."

Until next week...
Lauren, E & B


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