Thursday, August 25, 2016

B l a h ...
The focus this week, is a bit scattered, like my brain.  I had one of my first real late nights at work Monday night and I think my body is still recovering.  The night at work in and of itself was a good night.  I felt confident in my work there and stayed focused for the long case.  It was the build up to myself after that took it out of me.

Being a "stay at home mom" as well as a "full time working mom" has its challenges.  While at home, my focus is always the babies.  But along with that, there's the housework, laundry, what to eat for dinner, feeding myself, and the occasional workout to feel better mentally, physically and to have some "me time".  All that can add up.  I feel like I sometimes have unreal expectations of myself but again, I've said before, we are our biggest critics.

Work life is easy, minus the timing.  Once I get into work, there's one focus: the patient.  I can be there and focus on my job.  We have a great system put together for care of the babies if I'm at work and Alex is at football.  Our families have agreed to each take a day of the week on call for us and are here when we need them.  I cannot begin to explain to you how AMAZING it is to have family around, especially when you have 2 full time working parents.

All in all, things this week have just been... weird... Not on point.  But after an awesome chat with my mom and then some positive words of wisdom from Alex, I'm feeling better.

Me and B!  Alex's cousin Hannah bought these ADORABLE outfits for the babes.  Emmy's has deer on hers but B's has hedgehogs and I am in love.
U p d a t e   O n   T h e   T w i n s..
So... they are developing like crazy.  They will be 8 months old next week and are well on their way to walking by 9 months!

Emmy is a mover.  Unless she is tired, she is constantly moving, which explains why she has started standing!  She uses everything and anything to pull herself up on... including her brother.  She has begun taking little steps but is still very uneasy.  I'm noticing her pulling away more too to try and stand alone.  Which is AMAZING but terrifying at the same time.  I just don't want her to do it when I'm not looking and fall.  We are going to really babyproof the basement to make it more baby moving friendly.  More to come on that next week.

Standing fool!  This girl prefers standing to just about anything nowadays.

Bennett is my little smiley boy.  He is happy majority of the time and is still attached at the mouth with his binkie.  He is in LOVE with mealtime and can't get enough of Pooh still.  I've been limiting their Pooh watching to once a day, I didn't want it to seem like they could just watch it all day or whenever they are upset, although it's a great backup when I can't seem to get them to calm down for extended periods of time.  He has been pulling himself to sitting from laying down.  He also is very loud, not crying, just seems to yell and talk very loudly.  I think he likes the sound of his own voice, and most of the time, Emmy and I don't mind.  Sometimes it gets loud at 6:30 AM.

This is one of B's favorite lounge positions.  Side lying and relaxin'.  He is such a cheese! 

Mealtime is the same as before:  24 oz a day split between 4 bottles.  We are still on the same track with their pureed foods, but I've been introducing them to chunkier pureed stuff along with those bite size puffs.  They love those and they are great for a little snack for them.  I've also introduced them to apple juice (which they were incredibly confused about).  Probably because I put it in their regular bottles.  They can't seem to get sippy cups yet (how to suck the juice out) so I just use their Tommee Tippee cups.

These 2 bedtime gremlins, all cuddled and ready for bed.

B and Auntie Anna!  We visited her new house on Friday and the babies loved it!

This is a pretty common pose for us.  One baby in the activity gym and one baby wishing they were.  But it offers them different views of each other and they seem to like playing this way.

Kind of a scattered post this week, I apologize for that.  But that's the update!  Excited for this weekend... lots of fun plans...

See you next week!

Lauren, E&B


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