Thursday, September 1, 2016

8   M o n t h s...
Well we hit the 8 month mark this week!  And both babes are on the move!  They are crawling all over the house, pulling up to standing, eating finger foods, loving apple juice and outgrowing clothes like it's their job.  Check out these hams.

Sweet Em.  All dressed up for Fall (and no fall weather in sight)
One of their favorite things to do is stand on the outside of this activity gym.  Bennett started pulling himself to standing shortly after Emmy did.  Had to keep up with his little sis.
We are baby-proofing our house more because of how fast these 2 get around now.  We ordered a "superyard" from Amazon and are awaiting it's arrival.  We are planning to put it in the basement and creating a play area that is free of hazards to contain the babes from getting into things they shouldn't.  Pictures to come once it gets in.

E v e n t f u l   W e e k e n d...
I think that people who become parents become hypochondriacs too.  We want what's best for our babies and we don't ever want to overlook anything.  So often, when something is happening out of the ordinary, we think it's the worst thing ever.  I have been into the doctor more with our babies just to make sure they were okay.  Which is the best thing to do, when in doubt.

Bennett gave us a scare early Monday morning.  Sunday he had this cough and hoarse throat that we knew sometimes would come following a cold.  The nurse on the triage line told us that the cough was the last thing to go with a cold and it can sometimes stick around for 2-3 weeks.  We put the babies to bed that night and things were normal.  Just before 5 AM, I woke up to him gasping and wheezing.  I ran into the nursery and he was struggling to breathe normal.  We picked him up and took him into the bathroom to try a "steam room".

Alex and I knew we would have to take him into the Emergency Department. We called the pediatrician on-call and they agreed.  Down to KU we went, at 5:30 AM.  We fed them right before we went but kept them in their PJs (they were so cuddly and cute gahh).   We were seen right away and they decided he most likely had croup.  It's a respiratory infection that causes inflammation in the windpipe and can cause noisy breathing and a barky cough.  Side note, they weighed him and Bennett is a whopping 21 lbs!  Anyways, he was such a trooper in the ER and couldn't stop smiling at all the nurses and doctors.  He was given a steroid to open his airway and we were sent home.

He's felt so much better each day since and at our follow-up with our pediatrician, she told us it's incredibly common for this to happen in little guys.  At the time, of course, I didn't know that and it's terrifying.  The hardest thing about sick babies is knowing when something is "no big deal" and when it is.  I think being a nurse can be helpful and harmful too.  Helpful because I have a little bit of an idea the obvious warning signs and symptoms that need attention.  But harmful because I know how many little things that go unnoticed sometimes turn into big things.  See my frustration here?  UGH.  For now, I am just living day by day.  And today, both babies are smiling.

Friday night, Alex and I celebrated with our friends Katie and Phil, who got engaged!  That was also our first night leaving the babies with a babysitter other than a family member.  It went well!  And it's nice to know we have another option for watching the babies if our families can't.

Saturday night was date night for Alex and I and a bit overdue.  We got drinks at J. Gilberts Steakhouse and then headed to the New Theater Restaurant for dinner and a show!  We saw Chicago and I can't tell you how great it was!  Dinner was delicious and so was the company.

My best friend and best father around to our babies
The Theater is in Overland Park and looks like nothing from the outside.  But once you get in, its amazing!  Every table has a great view of the stage and I seriously can't tell you how amazing the food was.

Labor Day weekend is upon us and we are planning to head down to KC Irish Fest at some point.  My Dad's birthday is today, so Happy Birthday Daddio!  Thanks for loving our family so much.

Come back next Thursday!  We have a goodbye to say next week... Cue the tears... See you then.

Lauren, E&B


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