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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Why are we as Mom's so critical of ourselves?  Why do we seek the approval of others and instead just seek the peace of knowing parenting is hard and things will never be perfect.

There are days I honestly think, "I need to be interacting more with my babies, teaching them more, reading to them multiple times a day, taking more pictures, taking them on more outings, etc."  Why do I feel the need and pressure to do these things 23 out of the 24 hours a day?  That's obviously an exaggeration.  I've just been having these feelings lately, especially the older my babies get.  I like to think about the activities we will do once they can talk, listen and interact more like going to the Zoo, movies, doing arts and crafts, etc... I try not to wish time away, but I'm excited for these days!

I was sick this week, along with Emmy, and it was the first time we experienced vomit (that wasn't spit-up) with the babies.  I got sick at work and came home only to find out Emmy also had been sick.  It breaks your heart to see your little ones sick.  Mostly because they don't know what's going on.  She was so brave and fearless.  She mustered through that rough night and didn't even bat an eye the next morning.  I kept looking at her throughout the day and thinking, "she probably feels as crappy as I do" but she sure didn't act like it.  She was still smiley, played with her toys, ran around the house, and I couldn't help but think, how much of a bum am I?  (Just kidding, but for real... Babies are resilient).

I've felt somewhat at a loss for words with social media lately and I'm thinking of trying another hiatus.  I want those of you to know that even if I stop posting pictures there, I will always try and find the time to be here.  I feel it's important to share our lives, especially with those of you who don't see us often.

Thanks for your prayers and support.  They really do mean the world to my family and I.

Pictures to end the blog right...


This snow suit was my mom's when she was a baby.  She kept it in great condition and now Emmy wore it!  It's a little tight on her, but still, it was amazing to see something like that be passed down through the generations.

Disclaimer:  Bennett did not drink the RedBull.  He did love throwing it on the drive way and carrying it around with him.  These tiny humans.  They really do just want to be like us!

See you all in February!


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