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Thursday, June 16, 2016

"Uh sis... you have some spit up... just there..."
 E & B... such photo babes...

F a m i l y   F r i d a y s   # 3:
It was a HOT one but one of my favorites so far.  We took the babies downtown KC to try the new streetcar!  We started in the River Market with a lunch at The Opera House!  Great food and really cool drinks--- HOWEVER ran into my first "no changing table in the bathroom" place and wouldn't you believe it, Bennett had a blow out.  I had to change the poor guy!  #2 was everywhere.  So I boldly went up to a table of men having a lunch meeting of some sort and asked if I could change him at the only open booth there.  They of course were fine with it and to be honest I don't even know if they heard me 100% but I was going to change him and that was the best I had.
My mom and her friend Sal joined us for lunch and after we hopped on the streetcar and rode it downtown KC.  The streetcar is totally free, clean and extremely efficient.  I loved it.  We walked around the Power and Light District and ended back at the River Market to visit my mom's favorite Italian deli.  Overall, a great adventure for Emmy and Bennett.

These two hooligans... I remember the days when they used to sleep all the time in their car seats... now, not so much.  Everytime we stop, they are UP and stay up for the most part.  Which is fun- they get to see so much more.  Won't be long until they out grow these car seats (insert sad/happy face).
My aunt got the babies these teething beads and they have been a god-send!  They attach so great to the handle of the car seats and are easy for them to grab onto.
My men!  B looked too cute for words in his hat!
Streetcar!  We were up front and loved it... there was room for the stroller too!
Ahhhh too cute B, too cute.
Mumsies!  Such a great day.  B fell asleep after walking around and let's be real, those carriers get real hot if you're in the sun carrying an 18 lb baby.
Both feel asleep at the very end.  Hot day, hot sleepy babies...
KC Power and Light District
My Fam

U p d a t e   O n   T w i n s...
Big things are right around the corner, I can feel it.  The babies are D A Y S away from sitting up on their own and only weeks away from getting the crawling thing.  I could be way off but it seems like they make improvements at it every day.

The best sit up yet!  Still heavily relying on his tummy and arms for support but WHO CARES! Buddy is on his way...
We have still been going at it with the "solids" (which I think is a hilarious term for pureed food that you basically drink) for almost a month and a half now and boy do they LOVE them.  I've only made homemade sweet potatoes, apples and banana's.  The trouble I have is finding good containers to store them in in the freezer.  I got these GREAT trays from Pampered Chef and they work so great. ((See below)) They are called herb freezing trays but I've used them for baby food.  Freeze them, then pop out a few cubes before feeding and they are good to go!  Similar to ice cube trays... They are easy to stack and don't take up a ton of space!

Today we pooled it up again in the front yard like hillbillies.  It was over 100 degrees in KC and we needed to cool off.  They loved their pool!  And the pictures are to die for..

He LOVES to splash in the pool but when he was done, all he wanted to do was cuddle with his pops.
Sissy Bear Loungin'
Another subject everyone seems to ask about still is are they sleeping through the night?  YES and we couldn't feel better about it.  The twins take 3 naps a day ranging from 30 min to 2 hours depending on how tired they are... They go to sleep around 7:30 pm and sleep until at least 6 am which is a big step up for them!  The other morning they slept until almost 7 which was INCREDIBLE!  They love their cribs (they each have their own but they share a room) and can put themselves to sleep for the most part with a binkie and lots of white noise.  I remember back to the days Alex and I were sleeping in the nursery, trying to get them to sleep for at least 3 hours at a time.  We put in work and many sleepless nights to get them to where they are today and I can honestly say, doing it with Alex was the only way I survived.

W o r k...
A lot of people have been asking me how my job is going and how we make things work with the babies, Alex and my schedule changing often.  Well overall, I love the position I have (on call during the week for heart surgery).  This past week was the most I have worked (less than 10 hours) and it wasn't bad.  I went in almost every day but was only there for a few hours.  I like that I can stay home with my babies and I don't take that for granted at all.  There are more momma's than not that don't have the opportunity to stay home with their children so I am sure to count my blessings.

We have a few more weeks until we are making our first big trip to Minnesota for my Grandma's 80th Birthday celebration!  It will be the twins first real road trip and our first time away from home for more than 24 hours!  Needless to say, I am mentally preparing now.

Until next week,
Lauren, E&B

Pics, because well, ya love em....

My girl Em.... such a dollface!
Sleep still is going well.. especially for B and his little sleep sack... Looks like a starfish.  His Zipadee-Zip was SUCH a great buy.  You can find them here at  My cousin recommended them to me and we haven't looked back since.  Great for transitioning from swaddles.  It took a couple nights for him to get used to it but now, he loves it.
'Scuse me sir, I mustache you a question... 
Bathing beauties!
Rolls.  Everywhere.


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