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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Fa m i l y   F r i d a y s   #2
This past Friday, we took the twins to our good friend Olivia's pool to swim!  We've been told babies can start swimming at an early age and so since the weather was 86 degrees, we were ready to get in the water.

Well the water was not ready for us.  It was ~C O L D~ and the babies felt that immediately, especially Bennett.  Emmy was fine for about 2 minutes and then decided it was not for her.  We will try again another time later this summer.

After that, we headed to the mall (which we had not been to since like high school) to get our watch batteries replaced!  Which, trust me sounds small but we've needed to do that for like a month.  It's the little things. 
Emmy Girl... looking strong in her 2016 swim gear!
MY HEART!  Father son bonding time before the icy plunge
Annnnnnnd we're going in...
Bennett is about to realize he hates it...

Family Fun!
Buddy blowin bubbles...

So, we are going to the lake at the end of the summer and the Morgan's bought the babes their first life vests!  They surprisingly LOVED them!  All set for summer!

M y   B e s t   F r i e n d...
Having a baby changes a couple.  Having two?  Well, you guessed it... it changes couples too.  But for the better, I'm convinced...
Alex and I always talked about having children while we were young and starting our family after we were married.  We also agreed that we wanted a big family too!  God had a bit of a sense of humor when he decided that it would be right after the honeymoon and there would be two babies.  Like I've said before, Bennett and Emmy have been the greatest blessing in our lives.  But to make it to where we are today, we've had many hoops to jump through; and most of those hoops seemed to be lit on fire and on the 102nd floor of a skyscraper if you get my drift.
I could not have imagined having had a baby, or in my case babies, with anyone but my best friend and husband Alex.   Having had a c-section, I relied on Alex for many things during the recovery period.  You are vulnerable and your modesty will go out the window and not return for several weeks.  I needed help showering, drying off my body, getting into bed, walking down stairs, getting into the car, etc... I'm not sure if everyone goes through this type of recovery after a c-section but he helped me with everything.  He even put scar ointment on my scar to help it heal faster when I couldn't even see it below my ever protruding stomach.  For that, you've got to be 100% comfortable and confident in your relationship.  It's incredibly humbling to witness.
In the beginning of all this, I tried to remain composed, do things for myself, keep myself covered up, because that's just the person I am.  After many tears, Alex finally told me "It's not a big deal, I do it for you because I love you!"  He explained to me it was the most beautiful thing seeing me as a mom and that there's nothing to be ashamed about.

I realize this all may sound silly.  But like I said, having a baby will change a couple.  Technically, we were still on our "honeymoon phase" after getting married.  That lasts like for the first year right?  Well by the first year, we already had two 3 month olds!  Alex and I grew up quickly and learned things pretty fast because we needed to.  But I believe we got through all the hard times and the tough stuff because we were so close and he's the person who gets me the most... my best friend.

On our honeymoon!  Isn't he a hunk?  I'm a lucky girl...

Tomorrow is, you guess it... FRIDAY and we are so excited!  We have a little plan in our head and so tune in next week for another crazy KC adventure.  We have another wedding this weekend and can't wait to celebrate with our friends.  Ahhh wedding season!  Makes me so happy.

These 2 little bugs...
B and E... always hanging..
Soooo glad I caught this moment... Emmy sat watching sports on Daddy's phone for like 10 minutes...
Alex and I at our friend's wedding over the weekend! Mom and Dad's night out!
SUUUUCH a smiley little girl!
B all chill! Let me be clear, we are Royal's fans but my family lives in MN and had to get the twins some Twins gear!
We whipped out the Twin Z pillow again--- it's crazy the last time they used this, they slept in it!

Until next time....

Lauren, B & E


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