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Thursday, September 15, 2016

"When are you guys going to have another baby?"  "Awww, twins!  So you're done right?"  "Boy and a girl!  Perfect!  So no more babies right?"

These are the questions, comments, reactions I get every time someone sees us out and about.  And my answer always seems to shock people.  "Actually no, we want more."

Like I've said we want a big family (I'm talking 4 or 5, not 8...) and we are not shy about saying that to people.  But I do feel like that is also such a personal question to ask.  And I won't be hypocritical, I have asked that to my friends before, but never a perfect stranger.  People are so bizarre.

Alex and I both come from moderately sized immediate families.  I have one sister and he has two brothers.  But our extended families are another story.  A great one.  We have TONS of cousins, aunts and uncles on both sides.  I love the chaos of family get togethers and yearn for a christmas morning full of little laughs and tears of excitement.  I'm smiling thinking of it.

The reality of our situation is that when we get pregnant, we need to be prepared for it to be twins again.  And that is not right now.  I feel like every other person I run in to says, "I knew someone who had 3 sets of twins!"  And my reaction is the same.  Every time.  "Cool, good for them."  FYI... reminding a mother of multiples that she's very likely to have to have multiples again, does not make her feel great.  Carrying the babes to 36 weeks and then the delivery we had, was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life.  I wouldn't change it but I don't want that same emotional and physical pain to come rearing it's head back into our lives.  That being said, if it's God's will we have twins again, I will of course love it and embrace it.

We know when we will have another baby.  Or two.  But that, friends, is for us to know and you to find out...  :)
Emmy and her CHEESE smile.  My mom took this when she stayed with us.  Whenever you use your flash, Emmy knows to smile and this is what you get.  Could that not be the cutest thing EVER?
Sir B.  In his fall clothes.  Such a stud.

T w i n n i n g...
We have been LOVING our baby gate/ safe area in the basement.  It's such a relief to have a space for the babies to roam, explore, play and interact without the thought of them pulling something down on top of them or hitting their head on something sharp.  I can't tell you the peace of mind I have knowing that if I have to run to the bathroom or switch out a load of laundry, they are contained... and safe.  Those two move faster than I thought babies could ever move.  Just this week, Emmy stood ON HER OWN not holding onto anything for about 20 seconds (it felt like 10 minutes) and Alex and I knew... walking is right around the corner.

My world in a picture.  They love when their Dad comes home from work.  Not that I'm not amazing, but by that time, they are ready for a new jungle gym.
How I often find them.  Standing at the gate.  Happy as can be. 
This week, we are really diving in to introducing them to new finger foods!  With some suggestions from other mama's of multiples on Facebook, we got some great ideas that we are going to try.  Last night, we gave them cooked peas (whole) and they seemed to like them!  Bennett really liked smashing them on his tray but ended up eating quite a few.  They are still crazy nuts about strawberries.  I can't help but think it has something to do with the fact that I ate them ALL THE TIME when I was pregnant with them.  Who knows.

They are still sleeping through the night {PRAISE} and are still napping 3 times a day (two longer naps and one short one).  I judge those times based mostly on their moods but they end up being morning, midday and evening naps almost always.

B, such a solid napper.  Didn't even flinch when my flash went off.
The weather in KC changed slightly over the weekend and gave us a dose of F A L L finally with some cool weather.  We even opened all our windows!  But had to shut them again as summer still reared it's ugly humid self one last time (hopefully).  I think we are almost out of this summery weather, and for that I am SO HAPPY.  Once it's full on fall weather, we are going to the park every day.  Eeek!  I love fall.  Best time of the year.

My mom bought her these ADORABLE workout pants so we can match when I workout!  They are so cute on her.
Cheeses from the 3 amigos.
My sweet Emmy Lou

Of all their toys, the babies have always loved my kitchen utensils the best.  For Christmas this year, they are getting new spatulas and measuring cups.
This weekend is another busy, yet fun, weekend!  Fridays this fall have been "me time" with the babes because Alex has varsity games.  So I get some quiet time to myself after the babies go to sleep.  And also... there's wine.  Wine is always my treat to a successful week.

See ya'll next week!  Talking about Mommy chores... oh  J O Y.

OH and PS:  Alex and I still have 4 weddings left of 2015... how crazy fun is that?  Anyone wanna babysit?

Much love,
Lauren, E&B


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