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Thursday, September 8, 2016

O l i v i a   I s   O f f!
One of my best friends and amazing helper of the babies is setting out on an awesome adventure tomorrow.

Since having the babies, I have felt a little secluded to my house, just for ease of access to their toys, cribs for naps, comfortable air conditioning, etc.  It's often SO much easier for people to come to me than for me to come to them.  Who am I kidding, it's loads easier.  I know that makes it harder on the people coming to me.  And for that, I do apologize.

But Olivia has been someone who has not only come to hang out with me and the babies, but she has done so much for us.  From telling me she's picking up lunch to just bringing over my favorite coffee.  From letting me go on a run while she babysits to helping me take the babies to the doctor for their shots when Alex has school.  She consistently checks in on me and is always offering her time to help out our family.

She's headed to California tomorrow to start her 3 month job as a travel nurse!  We couldn't be happier for her and her new job but we are going to miss her incredibly.  Friends like this are rare and when you have them, you hold on to them.  She is definitely someone that we won't let go, just because she's miles away.  She is one of the few people that knows these babies inside and out and can jump in at any second to help with whatever is needed (feedings, diaper changes, soothing them from crying.)  That peace of mind knowing she knows what to do is what makes spending days with her so easy!  Let's just say, Skype, FaceTime and phone dates are going to be heavily in our future.

Olivia, thank you for loving my family so much.  Thank you for being such am amazing listener and for all the advice you've given me.  I cannot thank you enough for everything you have done to help me adjust to this new life I have of being a mother.  THIS IS NOT GOODBYE! :)

U p d a t e   O n   T h e   F a m...
Last weekend was Labor Day Weekend and we finally had a relaxing weekend!  We went down to the Kansas City Irish Fest and introduced the babes to part of their heritage!  I used to be an irish dancer so Irish Fest was like a national holiday for me when I was younger.  Good food, great music and awesome shopping.

I will say, navigating through the crowd at Irish Fest was a challenge, but Alex took the reigns most of the day.  It's such a different experience going there with a double stroller.  Going anywhere, really.
My parents and I.
Alex and his parents.
Daddio and sissy.  She was crowd shy that day and has been lately.  Unless she recognizes the person's face, she tend to easily get upset.  B, on the other hand, has no stranger danger.  He loved everyone and is always smiley.
Babies and their Grandmas. 
Right before leaving, aka, their bedtime.  This picture almost didn't happen.
Monday we didn't have a plan for the day so Alex and I ended up seeing a movie!  The last movie we saw together was a day before the babes arrived into the world and so seeing one again was relaxing and fun!  That night, we celebrated my Dad's birthday.  Overall, a great weekend.

Time for some recent pics..

SWEET EM!  I almost died that I got this shot.  She loves sleeping with this deer her Auntie Anna bought for her.  And I finally got a picture of her cuddling it.
This is strange.  This is Emmy Lou but she is looking JUST LIKE HER DAD!  I can't even tell you ... it's strange because I've always been told Bennett is little Alex.  This resemblance is crazy. 

SO the play gate finally came in!  This has been a life saver!!!  We've bolted the play house to the wall so they can't pull it over and removed anything unsafe for them.  I can't tell you the peice of mind I have when I play with both of them down in the basement now.  I don't have to chase after them every 2 seconds and can let them explore their new environment... Annnnnnd learn to play nicely together.  Which we are still working on.
Often, when one is playing with a toy, the other will go right up and take it away.  I kind of feel like a referee at times, who had it first and what can I distract the other with until they are done with that toy.  It can get exhausting.  From now on, there's got to be 2 of everything it seems.  But I know that won't even work.  #TWINS
Couple of babes, basking in the fallness...
Happiness is...
Playin' in the grass, Sir Bennett.
Phtot Cred: Olivia Morgan
He LOVES swinging at the park.  So content.
Babies with their Grandma!  My mom spoils these two with so much love :)
I can't put into words how happy the song Itsy Bitsy Spider makes these babies.  It's like paralyzing to them!  They love it!
Photo Cred: Heidi West
Sitting outside on one of the first "fall-like" nights!
Photo Cred: Heidi West
This girl LOVES her auntie.
Photo Cred: Heidi West
Have a great weekend everyone!  Looking forward to some fall weather here in KS.  This momma is DONE with the heat.

Lauren, E&B

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