Thursday, September 29, 2016

P i c t u r e s   F i r s t !  

 Park Fun

Perfect fall day... dog park with Auntie and little Rae
You saw this right- Just a diaper and her converse
Emmy girl and her leggings

Fall weather is upon us here in KC and this past week has been nothing but divine.  I've been feeling so much more comfortable because taking the babies on walks doesn't mean I'll be sweating profusely and worried about the babies getting too warm.

F e e d i n g...
Why is it that I feel inadequate with feedings now that the babies have bridged to real, whole foods and not pureed foods?  Now that the babies are eating more regular foods, it's hard to gauge when they're getting enough, if I'm over feeding them, or if they're getting the right nutrients.  For now, I still give them 4 bottles a day (6 oz. each) and food at 2 of the feedings (one filled with fruits and cereal and one feeding with veggies, toast, etc.).  I'm curious as to when to start feeding them 3 times a day and if we could get by doing 3 bottles a day instead of 4.  We'll see after our 9 month check up next week!


This week, we have been outdoors every day.  Our new routine involves our favorite park and we are sticking to it until it's too cold to go.  I love it because I get a great workout walking around the park and the babies love being outside and the swings.  I know it won't be long before they are running all over the park.  I'm starting to think I'm going to be deemed a regular at the park we go to and I'm okay with that.  

The babies will be 9 months tomorrow!  9 MONTHS!  We are well on our way to being a year old.  The babies are moving and moving fast.  Crawling, standing and walking (with help) all over the house.  I need to get them some better shoes with traction because the day is around the corner.  We are so excited for their first Halloween and can't wait to take them to a few houses in the neighborhood for candy (for us obviously).

Short post today... I've just been spending a lot of time with the babies and being outside.  See everyone next week with our 9 month check up update and some fun pics from this weekend.

Lauren, E&B


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